Second Placement Adoptions

A new beginning

Adoption is a beautiful picture of bringing a child into a home and giving a child a family. Sometimes, though, the child comes into the home with overwhelming needs. And sometimes, the family is not the right fit for the child as some children struggle to adapt to family life.

Many families are unaware of the child’s unique needs prior to adoption. These families love the children enough to wonder about a new beginning for the child from the end of an adoptive placement. During these times, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is available to help families determine what is best for the adopted child. Second placement adoption is not the only solution should never be considered lightly.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is available to both the original adoptive family and the second adoptive family as second placement adoption is considered.

What does it mean to dissolve or disrupt an adoption?

When a judge overturns an adoption after legal finalization.

When an adoption ends before it has been legally finalized in court.

Those considering a dissolution or disruption are advised to involve an adoption agency and an attorney specializing in second placement adoptions.

Is a second placement adoption considered "rehoming?"

No, second placement adoptions are not considered rehoming. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma follows a regulated, legal process and adheres to all the laws of the state in which the child lives and all laws of the state in which the second adoptive family resides. New adoptive families (also known as the second adoptive family) must have a current home study, including all required background clearances and child welfare checks, to ensure they are approved by their state of residence to parent an adopted child. During the adoption process both the original adoptive family (also known as the placing family) and the second adoptive family are represented legally, and each state must give their approval for the adoption prior to the child leaving their original adoptive home. Additionally, the original adoptive family must go before a judge and relinquish their rights to the child, and the adoption of the child is then finalized in a recognized court just like any other domestic adoption.

How do you match a child with a new adoptive family?

The original adoptive family is able to read about prospective adoptive families as well as participate in the matching process; as the placing family, you know more about the child than we do, and we want you to be involved in the process. Prospective adoptive families have access to the child’s school record as well as medical and psychological information in order to understand what the child’s needs are. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma gathers as much information on the child as possible to ensure the second adoptive family feels capable of meeting the child's needs. Our agency works closely with families who plan to place a child as well as families interested in adopting a child.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma maintains connections with agencies across the country, many of which have families open to adopting older children. We remain committed to ethical adoptions that place the children's needs first.

I am thinking about placing my child into a second placement adoption. What do I need to do?

We can only imagine how difficult this decision must be for you and your family. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is committed to walking through this process with you. Please contact our Child Placement Supervisor, Kirsten McGonigal, by email to further discuss your consideration of second placement adoption; your conversation with Kirsten is confidential. Once you feel comfortable with pursuing second placement adoption, and the agency has an understanding of your needs and the child's needs, Kirsten will give you all the information you need to get started on the journey to place your adopted child with another family.

Will you take custody of the child I am placing for second placement adoption?

In order to ensure as smooth as process as possible, custody of the child remains with the placing family until the child goes to live with the second adoptive family. All court processes are completed prior to the child moving to ensure permanency for the child. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma also feels this process allows for a better transition and places the needs of the child first, and the agency will assist in determining the best transition plan for the child and both families.

Why do most people consider second placement adoption?

Second placement adoption is often considered as a last resort. Many families adopt and later find out they can not meet the needs of the child; this is usually at no fault of the family's but a result of years of trauma (most children placed for a second placement adoption were adopted internationally after years in an orphanage or adopted following years in the U.S. foster care system). Many families have exhausted all of their options prior to pursuing second placement adoption, including extensive counseling. Second placement adoption places the child's needs first above the family's desire to care for the child.

I am considering placement of my infant for adoption. Should I be concerned about the adoptive family later placing the child in a second adoptive home?

While we can not guarantee anything, the majority of children placed into a second adoptive home were either adopted out of foster care or adopted internationally. Children adopted as infants are generally not placed into a second adoptive home. This is due to the needs children adopted from foster care or internationally present. Many children have experienced extensive trauma and are not able to safely live with their initial adoptive family. Second placement adoption occurs with the child's best interest in mind.

I would like to pursue second placement adoption as a prospective adoptive family. What do I need to do?

Please contact Kirsten McGonigal by email. Our agency will help navigate you through the approval process, including the home study process and other requirements.

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