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Why Become a Surrogate?

1. The Gift of Life

Surrogates are given the chance to give a gift that no one else can. Intended parents turn to surrogacy because they need help conceiving a child. You’re giving loving people the chance to start a family of their own when they’re incapable of doing so themselves. By taking this opportunity, you can give them the gift of life and they’ll be eternally grateful for this brave and heartwarming decision.

2. A Financial Boost

Yes, you get paid. While our surrogates agree that financial compensation is not the only reason they choose to become a surrogate, it is indeed a benefit worthy of consideration. You’ll be given a generous compensation if you qualify to be a surrogate. You can use your compensation to take care of your lifestyle, family, pay off loans or even take a well-deserved break, which can certainly be a benefit worth taking into consideration.

4. A New Perspective

The surrogate process is rewarding but not without its challenges. Choosing this path will take determination and perseverance. Going through the process will make you see the world from a different perspective; both your own and those of people around you.  You’ll have more of an open mind, awareness, and understanding of people from different walks of life.

5. Self-Confidence

Shortly after bringing new life into the world, you’ll realize you’ve created a miracle. You’ve given someone a chance to have their own family and raise their own child, and that’s really something extraordinary. By having achieved this, your self-confidence will surely achieve new heights.

7. Access to Healthcare

Once you’ve been matched with intended parents you’ll get access to healthcare. All medical costs related to the surrogacy process will be covered through a dedicated healthcare plan.

8. The Love of Pregnancy

Our surrogates tell us they love being pregnant. If you’re like them, you had uncomplicated pregnancies and loved every minute. Even so, your own family might be complete. Becoming a surrogate gives you the benefit of being pregnant one more time.

9. Be a Part of a Community

Socializing with other surrogates is a big part of the surrogacy experience and when you decide to become one, you are able to be a part of a community that includes women who have also taken this courageous step. The support group is a great way to connect with other surrogates and receive support throughout your journey. It starts as a support group, and quickly turns into a group of sisters you’ve never met.

10. Do Something Special

Ultimately, you are the only person who can decide if this is the right path for you to follow. It’s not an easy decision to make, but regardless of what reasons you have to determine whether or not you want to become a surrogate mother, just know that this is an incredible opportunity to do something special for others and you’re going to be a better person for it.

Women who decide to become a surrogate believe that being pregnant is an exciting and wonderful journey. Whatever reasons you have that have brought you to consider becoming a surrogate, know that you’re already an extraordinary woman. We look forward to having you complete our online initial application and speaking with you about the many tangible and intangible benefits of choosing to become a surrogate.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is a surrogacy and adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and leader in the community. We assist both intended parents and gestational carriers (surrogates). Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized experience to all involved in the surrogacy process. 

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