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3 of Ways You Know You’re Ready to Become a Surrogate Mother in Oklahoma

You’re interested in becoming a surrogate mother, so you’re trying to learn as much about gestational surrogacy as possible. You’re trying to learn what requirements are in place for becoming a surrogate mother in Oklahoma. You’ve read through the age and health requirements, and you’re starting to feel good about yourself. You may fit all the physical requirements – you may be the right age, and you may be the picture of health – but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re right for the job. It’s one thing to fit the physical requirements, but it’s another thing to be mentally, emotionally, and financially prepared to go on the surrogacy journey. So, how do you know if you’re truly ready to become a surrogate? Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is here to provide the information you’ll need to answer that question. Here are three ways to know.

1) You’re Well-Informed on the Surrogacy Process

It’s essential to be well-informed before committing to something as big as surrogacy. You should understand the surrogacy process, and you should find an Oklahoma surrogacy agency you feel comfortable working with. Doing research ahead of time can help you prepare for the physical and emotional challenges. It can also help you determine where to go for the surrogacy.

After reviewing several different sites, you should know the various steps of the surrogacy process: matching, medical screenings, in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer, etc. You should also know the different terms used to describe those who are involved in the surrogacy process: gestational carrier, intended parents, etc.

2) You Can Stick to Your Commitments

Gestational surrogacy is a long process that requires a tremendous amount of dedication. If you become a surrogate, you’ll be responsible for completing a variety of tasks. You’ll have to provide personal information (i.e., your medical and reproductive history), undergo daily hormone injections before the IVF and embryo transfer, maintain contact with the intended parents, and take care of yourself (and the child) during the pregnancy.

Surrogate mothers sacrifice so much of their time to fulfill their duties. If you can follow instructions and commit to large projects, you might make a suitable surrogate mother.

3) You Have a Strong Support System at Home

Your decision to become a surrogate won’t affect you exclusively. Your family and friends will also be affected by your surrogacy journey.

Your friends and family may have different reactions to your decision to become a surrogate mother. They might feel concerned. Some won’t understand why you’d put yourself through this long, tedious process. You can boost their confidence or gain their support by including them in the process. You can ask them to help you research and apply.

Having your family’s support will have a huge impact on your surrogacy experience. You won’t feel alone if you have them in your corner. Your spouse and children can provide for you or lend you a hand when you need it. They can make the experience feel less stressful by helping out around the house. They can complete difficult tasks so you won’t overexert yourself during the pregnancy.

Are You Ready to Become a Surrogate?

There’s a lot to consider before submitting a surrogacy application. You need to imagine yourself as a surrogate mother. You need to picture yourself going through the various steps. You need to decide if you can handle all the challenges and responsibilities.

If you don’t view anything as an obstacle, you might make a suitable surrogate mother. If you can’t fathom going through the process for whatever reason, surrogacy might not be for you. You’re the only one who can determine if you’re truly ready.

If you think you’re ready to become a surrogate, give us a call. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma will help you get started.

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