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Adoption Agencies Near Me: How Adoption Specialists View the Oklahoma Adoption Process

Adoption specialists and caseworkers are the backbones of the adoption process at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. They facilitate and interact with the birth parents, as well as any prospective adoptive parents. They support birth parents in finding aid emotionally, financially, legally, as well as aiding in finding accommodations for the birth mother during pregnancy. Adoption specialists also help birth parents look at and find the right adoptive family for their child, and any postpartum care the birth mother may need.

Giving My Baby Up For Adoption

  • Psychological support

Adoption specialists may often have a degree in social work and are qualified to lend an ear and a comforting shoulder to birth mothers as they give their baby up for adoption. However, adoption specialists are also able to refer and find funding for birth mothers to receive counseling services, depending on the needs of the birth mother. For instance, if the birth mother needs a psychiatrist to address her Postpartum Depression, her caseworker will aid in finding the funding and a licensed psychiatrist for her to see.

  • Financial support

Caseworkers aid in finding any financial assistance the birth mother may need. During her pregnancy, the birth mother may be in need of money for expenses, such as groceries, gas, insurance, etc. she is otherwise unable to pay for. This could also be due to being unable to work at her usual place of business due to her pregnancy. Caseworkers can aid in postpartum care accommodations, such as helping to pay for rent and utilities, as well.

  • Legal support

The caseworker can help to put the birth parents in touch with legal aid and inform the birth parents of their rights. Even though they are giving up their baby, the birth parents still have rights. The birth parents must be informed of their rights and possible types of adoptions they can go through before finishing the adoptive process. This is why it is so helpful to have your caseworker and your adoption firm’s legal aid by your side throughout the arduous process.

  • Accommodations

Caseworkers can help birth mothers with many accommodations, such as gaining medical care, schedule their doctor’s appointments, and create an adoption plan for their baby. In order to help the birth mother through this process and keep her healthy and happy, your caseworker can provide housing through your adoption center, as well as transportation to any doctor’s appointments.

  • Family Profiles and Interviews

Caseworkers facilitate interviews of birth parents and prospective families, as well as finding and matching child and family profiles. After learning what type of parents the biological parents would like their child to be raised by, caseworkers bring family profiles to the birth parents to view and choose from. The caseworkers then facilitate interviews and meetings between the prospective adoptive families and the birth parents before the final choosing and finalization of the Oklahoma adoption process.

  • Postpartum Care

As mentioned previously, if the birth mother needs any sort of financial, emotional/psychological, legal, or medical accommodations, their caseworker can aid in establishing and administering this aid to them. These accommodations could include anything from aid with rent/utilities to insurance for any postpartum medical issues.

Adopting A Child in Oklahoma

  • Home study and Interviews

After prospective parents file their application with their caseworker, a home study is scheduled. The home study includes interviews, paperwork, background checks, and a home safety check. The interviews in this process can include the prospective adoptive parents and any of their friends or family members the child may come into contact with. There are different types of home studies according to the types of adoptions: domestic, designated, and kinship. Domestic adoptions include adopting a child who is geographically nearby rather than from a different country than the adoptive parents. Designated adoptions include adopting a child from a couple who the adoptive parents may know or have found on their own. Kinship adoptions include adopting a child who is distantly related by blood to the adoptive parents.

  • Matching with Birth Parents

After the birth parents and any prospective families have been interviewed, the caseworker will match the birth parents with any prospective adoptive parents. Birth parents then have the option, with their caseworker’s help, to choose from the prospective families themselves or have the counselor pick the family for them. If the birth parents want nothing to do with the adoptive parents, the caseworker can stand in place for the birth parents, with their permission, for most, if not all, interviews, choices, and finalizations.

  • Post-Adoption Check-Ins

Following Oklahoma adoption finalizations, caseworkers then follow up with both the adoptive parents and the birth parents to see how all are faring. It is especially important that the caseworker look in on the child to see how they are doing in their new home, how healthy they are, how they are being treated, etc. The caseworker can also address anything that needs changing, work, or aid in the household, so the child is in the best possible environment. While this is done before adopting a child in Oklahoma, the home and child must also be checked afterward so that all involved are healthy, happy, and are becoming well-adjusted to their new normal.

Oklahoma Adoption Agencies

Adoption specialists and caseworkers are essential to the Oklahoma adoption process and creation of these new families. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma honors our adoption specialists and caseworkers for their hard work and devotion. With Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will receive dedicated care that shall carry you through this tumultuous time so all involved can find their happy ending with their beautiful new family.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process.  If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
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