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Adoption Influencer – Meet Alexis DelChiaro

About Alexis DelChiaro

Alexis DelChiaro is a blogger and founder of the #NationalRainbowBabyDay, which takes place each year on August 22. She is also mom to “almost twins” Grant and Gianna. DelChiaro’s blog covers a wide variety of topics for current and future moms, including lifestyle, fitness, and fertility.  Additionally, her Instagram @whatthefertility aims to create a community for women struggling with fertility. The page provides insight and support on all things fertility, in vitro fertilization (IVF), pregnancy, trying to conceive (TTC) and adoption.

Fertility Struggles 

For as long as DelChiaro can remember, she always wanted to be a mom – nothing was going to stop her. Therefore, when she married her husband, Gabe, they immediately began preparing to start a family together. Unfortunately, starting a family was not as easy as it had initially seemed – Delchiaro and her husband struggled with infertility for years. The couple underwent several tests and treatments, and while their bodies were physically okay, nothing seemed to work. Therefore, doctors frustratingly diagnosed DelChiaro with “unexplained infertility.”

After a few years of struggling with infertility, DelChiaro, a former news anchor, turned to social media to share her journey, saying,  “As a news anchor, my job was to tell other people’s stories…their triumphs, their defeats, their joy and their pain. After struggling for more than two years in the privacy of my own little circle, I decided it was time to open up and share my story. Infertility and adoption can feel super lonely, but building a community based on support and love has been absolutely necessary for me to survive.”

Adoption and Rainbow BabyAlexis DelChiaro

After a long and emotional journey with infertility, miscarriages, multiple rounds of medications and several rounds of IVF,  DelChiaro and her husband began looking into adoption as a way to create their family. The couple’s adoption journey was equally difficult. They dealt with a failed adoption before meeting Grant’s biological mother in 2015. Therefore, when they met their son’s birth mother, they were filled with hope and excitement. However, their hope and excitement did not stop there. A week after meeting with their birth mother, DelChiaro discovered she was pregnant with their daughter Gianna. It was truly a miracle! A few months later, Grant and Gianna were born approximately five months apart. Now, the duo is the best of friends and Delchario says it’s almost like having twins.

DelChiaro’s Thoughts on Adoption

DelChiaro calls adoption “the most sacred gift we could ever receive, the ultimate example of selfless love.” She notes that she could not imagine life without Grant and that their family has such a loving relationship with his birth mom. If you are a birth mother considering placing your baby for adoption, DelChiaro encourages you to talk with other birth mothers because although her family has had a wonderful experience with adoption, she recognizes that choosing to place your baby for adoption can be an excruciatingly difficult decision to make.

A Note from Adoption Choices

If you are an expectant mother considering adoption, we hope Alexis’ perspective of adoption  has provided the hope and encouragement necessary for you to move forward with your adoption journey. Our qualified staff at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is equipped to assist you with anything you might need. We will never turn you away because of your situation, so don’t be afraid to give us a call.

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What to see more from Alexis? Visit her blog. And follow her on Instagram @whatthefertility and @AlexisDelChiaro

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