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All About Adoption Agencies 

By Manuel Serritos

An unplanned pregnancy can be a time of much shock and uncertainty. The whole trajectory of your life can change with this news at a moment’s notice. The lifelong responsibility of caring for a child can be brought to the forefront of your emotions. Due to the sudden nature of the pregnancy, your options may initially seem limited on what to do. It is okay to be feeling such feelings of uncertainty. This time brings with it many challenges and life-changing choices to make. One option you have is with adoption agencies in Oklahoma. And of all your options, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will do the most to help you out during this time. 

Adoption and Your Choices 

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, know that you have choices, and they matter. When it comes to deciding what to do with your child, there are important choices to be made. One initial thought you may have is to raise the child. This option considers your child’s well-being, but it might not leave you in the best possible situation. Raising a child is an expensive and time-consuming commitment. Parenthood is something you have to be completely ready for. It is a lifelong responsibility that could leave you in a situation that could limit certain opportunities. For example, raising a child can make it more difficult to further career progress or finish time in school. Currently, pregnancy termination in Oklahoma is illegal, so other options need to be considered. 

If you want an option to benefit you and your child, turn to private adoption agencies. With private adoption, you can decide the family your baby will be raised by. Choosing your child’s adopted family ensures you know your child will develop properly with a loving family. All the families we present to you are pre-screened and interviewed to ensure your peace of mind when choosing adoption. 

All the choices made with adoption in Oklahoma are yours and yours alone. We will provide you with the most opportunities to create a good start for your child. However, you get to decide all the important decisions throughout the adoption process. Although we will help, we do not make the choices for you. We respect the decisions you make at any step of the pregnancy. Your choices are at the heart of what we do. 

Private Adoption Resources 

When turning to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we will provide you with the resources you may need most during your pregnancy. Some resources provided include medical coverage, financial assistance, proper housing, and emotional support. From physical resources to counseling with our caring staff, we will provide you with the best possible care. We strive to make sure you are properly provided for and supported. Pregnancy can be a period of financial instability, so we are there to provide for you and your baby. It can also be a very emotional time, so we are there to support your mental health. Your pregnancy should be as simple of a process as possible, and we are here to help make that possible.  

When first considering “adoption for my baby,” know private adoption gives you more control than public adoption. Private adoption allows you to make important decisions regarding your baby. If you are facing a situation with a mentally or physically abusive birth father, you have support from us. In most occasions where the birth father is abusive, he will have little to no say on what happens to your child. Placing your baby for adoption is a choice that will be yours to make. Depending on the situation with the birth father, there may be a need for an attorney. In cases where this is necessary, our legal team will help you navigate this issue and cover any fees. Every adoption is a different situation, but we are there to support you in every way possible. 

How Adoption Choices of Oklahoma Can Help You

Of the different adoption agencies in Oklahoma, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will be there to help you at all stages. Regardless of the circumstances around your pregnancy, we will be there to assist you. From financial support to creating an adoption plan, we are there to support the choices you make. We help to plan your baby’s adoption, but you have the final say in every choice. With decades of experience, we can help you find the answers you seek about private adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency licensed by the state of Oklahoma and a leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process.  If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.

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