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All about Birth Fathers in Oklahoma Adoption

By Sreevidya(Vidya)

Considering adoption for your baby, you might wonder about the involvement of the birth father. You may also want to know more about his roles and responsibilities during the adoption process. Some may have total involvement with pregnancy and adoption. Unfortunately for others, the birth father may be absent entirely. Whatever your situation, it is good to be aware of the role a birth father plays during adoption in Oklahoma. Tulsa adoption agencies and adoption agencies in Oklahoma, guide and help both mother and father get ready for adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma recognizes the importance of birth fathers and their level of involvement in Oklahoma child adoption.  

Who is Recognised as the Birth Father According to Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma?

It is important to first acknowledge that every child has two biological parents. According to the Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, the biological father of the child for whom adoption is planned is the birth father. If you know who your partner is, it is also important for the child to know about his/her father. Even though the birth father may not be physically present during the adoption process, he may be curious and want to be informed. Some birth fathers may not have parental rights and some may not be in a relationship with the birth mother. It is good to know that the birth father will be a part of his child’s growth. Therefore when you decide on giving a baby up for adoption, you should be aware of the birth father’s rights. 

Types of Birth Fathers Recognized by Oklahoma Child Adoption

A birth father is a part of the child’s life. Knowing his role is essential when choosing adoption for your baby

Known Birth Father

A known birth father may be married to or divorced from you. He may be in favour of adoption, or be against it, or may take a neutral stand. If he decides not to be involved in the adoption plan, he may waive his parental rights for the adoption to move on. If you and the birth father together seek adoption, then you both can approach any adoption agency in Oklahoma. An agency that provides total assistance in adoption is Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Here you can meet with the specialists and create an adoption plan

Although the birth father is involved in the adoption process, you as the birth mother will have full control. This depends on the relationship you both share. If you both have a strong and healthy relationship, then the birth father may support you in the adoption decision. If you both do not share a good bond, then you may not be comfortable with him during adoption. The birth father must be prepared to respect your choice to put a child up for adoption. The support and commitment the birth father shows will help you both give a better life for your child. 

Unknown Birth Father

An unknown birth father is one who is not available or not known to the birth mother. You may not know about him as he may have sexually abused you, or anyone from a one-night stand. This may have resulted in an unplanned pregnancy which led you to seek adoption. The choice to give your baby up for adoption will not be judged. If the birth father does not appear then the adoption process will be continued without him. 

Roles of a Birth Father at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

  1. He should be informed – Irrespective of whether the birth father is present or absent during the adoption process, he should be informed. Even though he is not physically present, he may be curious and would want to know. This may also help you make better decisions involving your child. 
  2. The birth father should start to be supportive of your decisions – Having informed him of your decision, he may take interest in the adoption journey. After you both consider adoption for your baby, you can seek more information and create an adoption plan. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will provide the required information and assist you in screening the profiles of prospective adoptive parents. 
  3. The birth father should help you – Finally, the birth father may choose to help you in your pregnancy or post-delivery. He may volunteer to support you financially, emotionally or mentally. Even if he may not be present with you he may show his support by being in contact with you. If he chooses to be present, he may attend the counselling sessions with you post-adoption. The birth father’s support has a positive effect on you and your baby.

Responsibilities of a Birth Father Seeking Adoption in Oklahoma

There are some responsibilities that a birth father should fulfil to ensure the well-being of his child.

  1. Keeping touch – The birth father should keep in touch with you and also the adoptive parents. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you can choose Open adoption where the birth parents and the adoptive parents are in contact even after the adoption process. Usually in Open adoptions, the adoptive family and the birth parents are in constant contact via phone calls and sharing pictures. This enables holistic growth for the child. Checking on the child will let the adoptive parents know how much the birth father loves the child. He may be in contact with you and help you heal after putting a child up for adoption. Being in touch will allow all of you involved in the adoption process to make the journey a success. 
  2. What to expect – Having constant contact with you and the adoptive parents will allow the birth father to take care of any concerns. He may be on the emergency contact list in any case of need. He may also be involved if the child has a learning disability or any complications during birth. He may be allowed to assist you and the adoptive parents during any stressful situations involving the child’s upbringing. 

Birth Fathers and Adoption

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help you with your adoption journey and help you reach out to the birth father. Remember that giving a baby up for adoption is a crucial step and you should not feel lonely. You will get support and guidance all along. The presence or absence of the birth father will not impact your adoption journey. However, any birth father who genuinely cares about you and his child and will help you in the best possible way he can. If you are a pregnant woman seeking adoption, then reach out to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma with your concerns. 

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