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All About Birth Mothers: Who Chooses Adoption

By Kate Armentor

If you are a woman considering adoption, you have probably come across several misconceptions about the type of people birth mothers are. It is for these reasons that Adoption Choices in Oklahoma wants to give birth mothers the proper spotlight in order to be understood. When it comes to giving up a baby, it can be the most difficult event in a person’s life. It is more accurate to view those who go through this process with respect for their resilience. For this reason, it is better that you, as well as everyone else, understand your possible motives. 

Different Types of Birth Mothers in the Adoption Process

Teenage Birth Mothers

Some new mothers may be unable to care for their children because of their age. If you yourself are a birth mother under the age of eighteen, consider contacting Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma want to help support you in every way possible. 

Birth Mothers Who are Not in the Best Financial Circumstances

Birth Mothers can also be unable to provide financially for their child. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma provide support for eligible birth mothers who have trouble affording food and housing. We also provide necessary care for the birth mother during her pregnancy. We unfortunately cannot offer constant financial aid after the baby is born, but we do everything so that the woman can have a steady income to support herself. 

Birth Mothers Who Need Emotional Support

One common reason a birth mother might give up her child is her well-being and mental state. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma also offer counseling for birth mothers who may find themselves in a challenging emotional space. If you are suffering from any mental illness it is reasonable to worry about the upbringing of your child. While we cannot cure any existing condition that you may have, we can assure you your child will have a stable home.

Birth Parents Who Are Not Ready to Parent

As previously mentioned, birth parents who give up their child rarely do it solely because they don’t want them. Most reasons stem from an inability to provide. Some birth parents may not be able to provide for their baby due to mental illness, low financial status, or PTSD from past abusive relationships. Their reasoning is almost never solely because the mother does not want the baby. If you as a birth mother are concerned if your child may adopt this idea, you will be able to choose a plan where you can remain in contact with your child after it is adopted. 

Why Knowing About Adoption is important

It is important moving forward that you should know the full adoption process before making this life-altering decision. You should not feel guilty when you believe that this choice will give your baby a better life. For some people, adoption is the best option, with the hope of providing a stable and happy home for the child. It is important that everyone be informed about the process of adoption so that no one is judged or faces stigma. Giving a baby up for adoption is not the same as abandonment. This National Adoption Month, let’s create a more inclusive and compassionate community by becoming more informed and supportive of everyone’s choices.

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