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Birth Father Consent in Adoption: Does Your Husband Need to Agree to the Adoption Plan?

By Hannah Bayly

Are you a woman in a committed relationship and facing an unplanned pregnancy? Do you find yourself searching for terms such as, “giving baby up for adoption” for guidance? If so, you likely have many questions about the adoption process and adoption agencies in Oklahoma. One thing you may be questioning is if you can receive unplanned pregnancy help without consent from the birth father. While there are many birth fathers who agree with birth mothers on choosing adoption, others do not. Navigating your relationship while you don’t both agree that adoption is the right choice can be difficult. In this situation, you may need additional help. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help.

It can be daunting to think that your relationship may be strained if you bring up the topic of adoption. If you are in a committed relationship with the birth father, your lives are likely quite intertwined. It can be scary to think that your life, as you know it, might change drastically if you bring up the topic of adoption. There are many ideas that you may have about how the birth father will react. We want you to know that Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to provide you with support through this process. Not only are we here to help you, we are also here to help the birth father and your baby.

Birth Father Legal Rights During Adoption

Just as you have legal rights as a birth mother during the adoption process, so does the birth father. It’s important to recognize that your baby has two parents. Both you and the birth father have an important role in your baby’s life. Adoption in Oklahoma typically requires the birth father’s consent. In some situations, such as if the birth father is not present, his consent is not needed. If you and the birth father are in a committed relationship, the first step is to have an open discussion. It can be difficult to navigate through emotional discussions such as these. However, it’s important to remain respectful and allow both parties to voice their opinions. If you and your husband are having difficulty navigating these conversations, you may consider counseling. You should not feel embarrassed if you need to seek additional guidance and support during this time. Choosing an adoption is an important decision, and you may need to utilize resources from adoption agencies in Oklahoma to make a decision.

If you and the birth father do not agree on adoption, it can be hard. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can provide you with resources to make the choice that’s right for you. We are equipped to provide you with assistance in communicating with the birth father and address any legal issues. One way that we may be able to assist is by terminating the birth father’s parental rights. This is done in situations where adoption is the best choice for the baby. This is not something that happens in all situations. Everyone is unique, but no matter your situation, we can provide assistance, guidance, and support.

Creating an Adoption Plan

Agreeing on adoption is a loving choice. You and the birth father may end up deciding that adoption is the best choice for your baby. There are many reasons why you may mutually decide to choose adoption. Maybe you and your husband aren’t emotionally ready to be parents. Perhaps your living arrangements aren’t ideal for housing a child. Maybe you don’t have the financial resources to support a baby. No matter the case, choosing adoption for your baby is a loving choice because you’re putting your child first.

Once you and the birth father agree on adoption, the next step is to build an adoption plan. Working with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will decide what is right for you as a couple. This includes what kind of adoption you will pursue (open, closed, semi-open), the adoptive parents for your baby, and more. Working with the right adoption center is important during this time. There are many decisions to make, and it can be hard on both of you. If you choose to work with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will be supported with compassion through each step.

Getting Help from Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

If you find yourself searching the internet for terms such as, “place baby up for adoption,” we can help. You might be afraid to bring the topic of adoption up to your husband. You might be nervous that choosing adoption will derail your relationship. It’s important to know that choosing adoption does not make you a bad wife or a bad person. We know that you both want the best for your child. If you’re looking for information or support as you make your decision, we can help!

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