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Birth Father Role and Responsibility in the Adoption Process in Oklahoma

By Nicole Hatton

For every birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy or navigating the adoption process, there often stands a birth father. The birth father’s emotions and responsibilities are often intertwined with the birth mother’s. His role can make a significant contribution to the decision-making process, emotional well-being, and overall adoption journey. Keep reading to learn more about how birth fathers can play an active role throughout the adoption process.

Legal Rights and Consent For Adoption

The birth father has legal rights that must be acknowledged and respected during the adoption process. These can vary depending on the jurisdiction and specific circumstances of the adoption. Before exercising legal rights, the birth father must verify that he is the birth father. This can be done through genetic testing or other legal processes. Next, consent from the birth father is usually needed for the adoption process to proceed. It’s important to keep in mind that laws regarding when a birth father can provide consent may vary. Some places prefer the consent to be given before the child’s birth, while other places accept it after the birth. The time that a birth father can change his mind can also vary.

However, if the birth father cannot be contacted, his need for consent may be waived. In order for this to happen, this may involve demonstrating or providing proof of his abandonment of the child.

Decision-Making and Creating an Adoption Plan

The birth mother and birth father can work together to make decisions and create an adoption plan for their child. This can lead to a more supportive experience for both parties. You can discuss what you envision the future for your child to look like or child adoption in general. 

Additionally, you can decide on which adoption option would be best for you and your child. These options include open, semi-open, and closed adoption. Depending on your level of comfort or boundaries, you can decide on how much contact you would like to maintain. Open adoption is when you agree to maintain contact with your child throughout their life. You can exchange letters, make phone calls, and even do occasional visits as long as the adoptive family is comfortable. This also allows you to choose which adoptive family you would like to look after your child. Semi-open adoption is similar to open adoption, but more boundaries may be enforced. If you would like to establish boundaries but still have a relationship with your child, semi-open adoption may be best. However, if you do not wish to remain in contact, you can choose closed adoption. You would not get to choose who the adoptive family would be. This would be best if you would like to keep your privacy and refrain from sharing personal information.

It can be difficult to think about the idea of giving your baby up for adoption, but you can also try counseling together. There are many Tulsa adoption agencies and other adoption agencies in Oklahoma with adoption counselors who are ready to help. They can connect you with different support groups or other resources for putting a child up for adoption.

Counseling and Emotional Support Through the Adoption Process

Whether you are a birth mother or birth father, counseling or support services can help you navigate your emotions. Adoption for your baby is an experience that can affect the birth mother and the birth father greatly. As the birth father, it is important to be there for the birth mother and support her. 

Post-Adoption Support

Even after going through the adoption process, the emotional impact of the decision can still affect you. As the birth father, you can provide emotional support or reassurance for the birth mother. There are also many support groups that you can connect with and share your experiences with. Hearing about others’ experiences can also help you learn new things or find clarity. Additionally, it can be helpful to see an adoption counselor. Many adoption counselors are still willing to talk to you and support you after you do an Oklahoma City adoption. Wherever you’re located, make sure to check out your adoption agency’s website if they still do post-placement support services and adoption counseling. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is one agency that provides post-placement support and has many adoption counselors or specialists.

Other Adoption Resources

If you have any other questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to an adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We are happy to help you and provide free counseling. Moreover, we even have waiting families and a list of frequently asked questions. Check out our website for more information!

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