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Birth Mother Support After Adoption Placement

By Janae Pabon

You’ve finalized your adoption and fulfilled your adoptive family’s dream of having a beautiful baby to raise! Now, you get to head home. All the work you did, creating the adoption plan, birth plan, choosing the adoptive family, and sorting out the legalities are over. Something may still feel off, though. You may start to feel anxious when you realize you no longer have your baby. You may suddenly feel guilty about your Oklahoma City adoption or become worried about what to do now. These thoughts are completely normal.

After putting a child up for adoption, you may feel a complicated mix of emotions. This is why Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers all birth mothers resources during the adoption process in Oklahoma and after adoption as well. We know it’s important to provide you with resources not only during but after because the stresses from adoption can linger.

Why May I Need Support After My Adoption?

Adoption can leave many mothers with a rollercoaster of emotions. You may feel guilty for carrying your baby to term and then placing them in another family. You may also experience loneliness and feel for a while like you regret your decision. This is a form of grief, and you are not alone. Many birth mothers experience this, and it doesn’t mean you made the wrong decision or are a bad person. These are normal responses, and you have the ability to overcome them. Emotions like these may cause lots of stress and can lead to depression or other mental health issues. In this case, it may be really beneficial for you to receive some kind of counseling to help you process the many emotions that you are facing. 

Also, even after your adoption is finalized and the adoption process is complete, you may have lingering expenses that you aren’t able to fully pay for. Maybe you were not able to work during your pregnancy and, therefore, simply cannot afford some of the necessary expenses now that it’s all done. You may have medical expenses that come from anything related to the birth, or your expenses may be as simple as rent payments. We know that financial struggles don’t end immediately after you place your baby with the adoptive family. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will make sure that you are supported during and after your adoption is finalized – we are here for you!

What Resources Can Adoption Choices of Oklahoma Offer Me After Adoption?

Your health, especially your mental health, comes first. When you are experiencing fluctuating emotions like guilt, sadness, regret, loneliness, or anything else, it is important to address them. Sometimes, a birth mother needs a little extra help processing and overcoming these tough times after placement.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers free counseling to both expectant mothers and birth mothers. It is important to know that you have access to this resource for up to six months after finalizing your adoption, too. This time period may be when you need it most. Our counselors are experienced and have worked with many other birth mothers who were in the same situation as you. They are there to make you feel heard. We offer one-on-one counseling or peer support groups if you would like an environment where you can talk to others who relate to you.

One of the resources Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers for our birth mothers is financial assistance. With the help of non-profit organizations, we can assist with expenses like groceries, rent, medical bills, and more. Your birth parent counselor can help you figure out which expenses you qualify for assistance with. You are able to receive this financial assistance for up to eight weeks after your adoption as well.

You Will Be Supported During and After Your Oklahoma Adoption

Do you find yourself looking up “adoption agencies near me?” Or even, “Can I give my baby away at birth?” Or maybe you’ve been wondering, are there any Tulsa adoption agencies who can offer me resources if I follow through with this adoption? 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help you every step of the way with your adoption, no matter when you decide that adoption is right for you. If you would like to complete a last-minute adoption, we can help with that! And if you are a birth mother who has already completed an adoption, remember that our resources are available to you. Please contact us if you have any questions or to get set up with any of our resources!

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