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Saturday May 9, 2015 was Birth Mother’s Day. Many are not aware of the specialness of this day. Hallmark doesn’t have cards available for purchase, and 1-800-Flowers does not run specials on flowers. But they should because the day matters.

A group of birth mother’s created Birth Mother’s Day in 1990. And thank goodness they did because they deserve to be honored and deserve to have a holiday all of their own.

Placing for adoption does not make a woman any less than a mother than someone who chose to parent. And a woman who placed for adoption should also be celebrated on the recognized holiday of Mother’s Day, but adoption has a loss that deserves remembrance and honor, which Birth Mother’s Day helps to provide.

Celebrating Birth Mother’s Day and honoring the woman who placed for adoption provides that woman a safe place to grieve and to remember and to know that she is loved and honored and respected for her choice. Yes, this should be done on a daily basis, just as all mother’s should be celebrated on a daily basis, but it is also important for a special day to be set aside for the woman who chose to place for adoption.

Birth Mother’s Day is meant to be about only the Birth Mother. Just as Mother’s Day is meant to be about only the mother. And just as Mother’s Day can be difficult for some, Birth Mother’s Day may also be difficult for some. Birth Mother’s Day allows those who have placed to be reminded that they are not alone. And we hope that as the years move forward, more birth mothers will recognize this day and reach out to others on this day.

May Birth Mother’s Day bring acknowledgement and recognition to every birth mother who ever loved a child lost to adoption. May it honor and celebrate every mother who became childless after birthing a child, and was forgotten on Mother’s Day.
– Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh

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