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Black History Month & Transracial Adoption In Oklahoma

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants to acknowledge, represent, and celebrate black history month by discussing the importance of transracial adoption. While there are so many pregnant adoption options to choose from, varying from each individual’s situation, transracial adoption is so important in that it breaks stigmas, opens up crucial conversations, embraces diversity, and celebrates families being beyond the color of their skin. Here are some reasons that show the importance of transracial adoption and why couples who are adopting should consider expanding the diversity in their home. 

Transracial Adoption and Understanding the Love Beyond Skin Color 

Racial injustices and social issues are at an all-time high today, making topics around cultural and racial differences a touchy topic. However, the topic doesn’t have to be so taboo. Transracial adoption breaks the stigma of what the ideal family has to look like and represents that the meaning of family goes beyond the color of someone’s skin. When a couple decides to make their home more diverse and welcome the differences of another race or culture, it is a small but significant step in dismantling the idea that people of different cultures don’t understand each other. It doesn’t come down to not understanding differences. It comes down to taking the time to educate, learn, and be open to understanding the challenges, traditions, and history beyond your own perception. 

Embracing the Challenge that Comes with Adoption

The thing that tends to push families away from transracial adoption is the fear of challenges and situations that may arise when raising a child who comes from a different racial background. The truth is, your child will most likely face moments as you raise them that you will not fully be able to relate to or understand. However, this is an opportunity to learn and create a supportive environment for your child to feel seen and accepted. Other couples fear judgment and don’t want their child to be treated differently in the community they will be raised in. Using this as an opportunity to welcome diversity into your family and community can start conversations and learn to celebrate differences instead of shying away from them. Not every conversation or moment will be easy, but the joy of creating a diverse home and being accepting of different backgrounds and traditions is an experience that triumphs over the hardships. 

You Are Not Alone in Your Oklahoma Adoption Journey

Another common fear in transracial adoption is that the adoptive family will not receive any support or knowledge in raising a child of another race. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma’s website offers representatives who are just an email or phone call away. The representatives are ready to discuss every aspect of transracial adoption, from finding the right child, getting connected with the birth mother, receiving support from counselors and professionals, as well as getting in touch with adoptive families who have had similar experiences in transracial adoption. While it’s an exciting journey, it can be a scary one. Adopting a child comes with a lot of overwhelming emotions and moments of uncertainty, but it is important to know that you are not alone and there are support systems for every step of the way, especially when it comes to transracial adoption. You will be able to learn about your child’s racial background, the birth mother (if it’s an open adoption scenario), and resources to communities that embrace diversity and inclusion. 

Don’t let the stigmas or fear of transracial adoption push you away from making your home a diverse and multiracial one. There are many joys and wonderful experiences that come with transracial adoption. Together, through adoption and raising awareness, the percentage of transracial adoption can grow, and the stigmas around it will be broken. 

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