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Can same-sex couples adopt in Oklahoma?

By Connor Shelton

One of the most important decisions a mother makes during the Oklahoma adoption process is who to give their baby to. There are people from numerous backgrounds who would be more than willing to raise your child, among them being LBGTQ+ persons. Unfortunately, they often are glossed over as potential parents because of who they are, yet they shouldn’t be. These are people who want to raise a kid just as much as other would-be parents. In addition, some statistics show that same-sex couples are four to seven times more likely to adopt than heterosexual couples. Yet despite the increasing number of LGBTQ+ couples adopting, many people still have questions. If you happen to be one of those people, you’ve come to the right place. The following are answers to the questions that dance around in your head as you consider putting a child up for adoption. like for instance, can same-sex couples adopt in Oklahoma?

1. Are same-sex couples allowed to adopt in Oklahoma?

Let’s acknowledge this upfront. Oklahoma doesn’t have the reputation of being the most welcome state for LGBTQ+ persons. It’s always been home to more traditional values and conservative rhetoric. With that being said, the state is in line with the rest of the country regarding adoption practices. That means LGBTQ+ couples have the right to adoption and have held that right since 2014.

2. Can a single person who identifies as queer adopt a child?

As in every other state, single people from the LGBTQ+ community can adopt a child. Just like LGBTQ+ couples, there is no law that prevents them from doing so.

3. Shouldn’t my child have a mom and a dad?

Children do not necessarily need a mother and father to raise them. There is no actual proof that a child must have a mom and dad to develop the appropriate amount of masculine and feminine traits. They can pick these traits up from anyone in their life, not just parents. Additionally, good parenting isn’t simply a matter of traits, nor does it have anything to do with sexual orientation. Good parenting is influenced by one’s ability to create a loving and nurturing home. This is something that LGBTQ+ couples are more than capable of creating.

4. Will an LGBTQ+ Adoptive Family in Oklahoma Provide a Stable Home for My Child?

All families looking to adopt must undergo a home study process. This is when one of our adoption specialists evaluates the readiness of the people looking to become parents. If a family makes it through the home study, they’ll be approved for adoption in Oklahoma, thus confirming the stability of their home. 

5. Is it more difficult for LGBTQ+ people to adopt in Oklahoma?

It is no more difficult for LGBTQ+ people to adopt at our agency than for heterosexual couples. It might still seem slow for them, but that’s because of the meticulous process we follow to create the most thorough adoption plans. Regardless of anyone’s background, they all have to go through the same process and evaluations to adopt a child. No additional stipulations will be added just because of one’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

6. I’m pregnant and considering adoption. How do I Pursue an LGBTQ+ Adoption in Oklahoma?

To pursue an LGBTQ+ adoption in Oklahoma, you’ll need to get in touch with any of our private adoption agencies in Oklahoma. The sooner you do this, the more time you can dedicate to creating your adoption plan. This is done with an adoption specialist, who will be with you every step. Through your conversations with them, you’ll be able to focus on what kind of family you want for your child.

7. What can a child expect in an LGBTQ+ household?

LGBTQ+ families, just like other families, want to give a child the best life they can have. It’s why they choose to adopt. Not only that, but same-sex parents also want their child to grow up in a better world than the one they currently have. Because of this, you’ll find that some LGBTQ+ parents teach their kids about equality, sympathy, and other valuable life lessons. Some might call this indoctrination, but truthfully, it’s simply a show of love and understanding. It’s why LGBTQ+ households are such a great place for children.

8. Will my child identify as LGBTQ+ if raised in an LGBTQ+ household?

Kids raised in LGBTQ+ households are no more likely to identify as LGBTQ+ than kids raised by heterosexual parents. Their environment has nothing to do with their sexual orientation. And even if they turn out to be gay, that’s not bad. Regardless of their sexuality, your child will be loved and cherished by their adoptive family.

9. Will my child is bullied because their parents are LGBTQ+?

Society still maintains negative stereotypes surrounding LGBTQ+ people, and with these stereotypes comes discrimination. As a result, other kids may pick on your child. Don’t let this discourage you from choosing a same-sex couple to adopt your child. Despite the potential for bullying, children in LGBTQ+ families often learn how to stand up for themselves. Whether by their parents or experience, they’ll be taught about the world’s cruelty. But more importantly, they’ll know how to sew love and understanding. 

10. Will an LGBTQ+ Adoption Good for My Child?

Based on all the information provided, we hope we can help you see all the benefits this type of adoption offers. Let’s run through the reasons why an LGBTQ+ adoption can be good for your child:

  1. LGBTQ+ homes are safe. We know this because the couples looking to adopt have to go through a home study.
  2. LGBTQ+ couples often have high levels of education and, as a result, are financially secure.
  3. LGBTQ+ households are great for teaching empathy because of what the adoptive parents might have gone through.

Beyond this factor, you can see that LGBTQ+ adoptions are not all that different from heterosexual adoptions. Your child will grow up loved and cherished. That’s all that matters.

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