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Celebrating Birth Father’s and Father’s Day in an Adoption

By Miranda Frank

If you are pregnant and considering giving your baby up for adoption, celebrating holidays like Birth Father’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day may seem complicated. Father’s Day is the third Sunday in June, and Birth Father’s Day is recognized on the Saturday before. It’s natural to wonder how to approach each occasion as a distinct and meaningful celebration or even how to discern the nuances between them. For anyone looking into adoption in Oklahoma, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a great resource. We are a non-profit agency here to provide help, support, and guidance for birth parents considering adoption in Oklahoma. It is our goal to ensure that you are fully informed during this period. 

Our agency is committed to ensuring that birth parents have access to the necessary resources and information to make informed decisions during this crucial period of their lives. We recognize that celebrating these holidays can evoke a mix of emotions.

What are the differences between a birth father and an adoptive father?

These holidays can highlight the unique roles and relationships involved in the adoption process. Both the role of the birth father and adoptive father are distinct because of a few different factors. This includes biological connection, certain legal rights and responsibilities, their relationship and involvement with the child, and even how they might be impacted throughout the adoption process.

  • Legal rights and responsibilities: The birth father, depending on the circumstances and legal regulations, may possess certain rights and responsibilities towards the child. These may include the right to be involved in the adoption decision-making process or assisting in developing an adoption plan and the obligation to provide financial support. On the other hand, the adoptive father assumes legal rights and responsibilities through the adoption process.
  • Relationship and involvement: Birth fathers may have different levels of involvement in a child’s life before and after the adoption, depending on their personal circumstances and the decisions made by the birth mother and adoptive parents. The role of the adoptive father is much more concrete, and a permanent and nurturing parental relationship is formed with the child. They take on the day-to-day responsibilities of parenting, providing emotional support, and being involved in the child’s growth and development.
  • Impact of the adoption process: Birth fathers and adoptive fathers are impacted differently during the process of putting up a child for adoption. The birth father may experience a range of emotions throughout the adoption process, including grief, loss, and potentially a sense of relief or hope for the child’s future. The adoptive father, on the other hand, typically experiences the joy and fulfillment of becoming a parent through adoption.

How can I celebrate both the birth father and adoptive father of my child?

Birth Father’s Day and Father’s Day present wonderful opportunities to celebrate and honor both birth fathers and adoptive fathers for their unique and significant contributions to a child’s life. Here are some ideas on how to celebrate and recognize both fathers on these special occasions:

  • Acknowledge their Roles: You can take the time to acknowledge and appreciate the distinct roles that birth fathers, and adoptive fathers play in a child’s life. Recognize the birth father’s biological connection and the decision they made to place the child for adoption. as well as the adoptive father’s dedication and commitment to providing a loving and nurturing home.
  • Celebrate Their Bond with the Child: You also may take this as an opportunity to encourage a child to express their love and appreciation for both their birth father and adoptive father. Help the child create personalized artwork, crafts, or heartfelt messages that can be a celebration of the unique bond they share with each father figure. These can serve as meaningful gifts that express the child’s love for each figure.
  • Plan Joint Celebrations: Consider organizing joint celebrations or get-togethers that bring birth fathers and adoptive fathers together. This can provide an opportunity for them to connect, share experiences, and bond over their love for the child. It can also help foster a sense of extended family and community that could be a great resource for the child throughout their life.
  • Support Open Communication: Encourage open communication and positive relationships between birth fathers and adoptive fathers, if appropriate and desired by all parties involved. This can involve facilitating letters, photos, or even occasional visits between the child and their birth father, allowing them to maintain a connection and celebrate their relationship.

Celebrating Birth Father’s Day with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

By reaching out to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will find a compassionate and knowledgeable team ready to assist you in understanding your options, offering comprehensive information about adoption, and providing the support you need to navigate the complexities of holidays associated with birth parents and adoptive parents.

We believe that birth parents should be empowered with accurate information and a network of support, enabling them to make choices that align with their personal circumstances and aspirations. Our dedicated professionals are here to address your concerns, alleviate any confusion, and guide you through the adoption process in Oklahoma. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we are driven by our mission to ensure that birth parents receive the assistance they deserve and are equipped to make well-informed decisions for themselves and their baby’s future.

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