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Celebrating Father’s Day and Birth Father’s Day in Adoption

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private agency that aids birth mothers on their adoption journey. At our agency, we care about everyone involved in the adoption process, not just the birth mother. People always discuss how adoption and unplanned pregnancies affect birth mothers, but they hardly think about how adoption and unplanned pregnancies affect birth fathers. It’s important that adoption centers address the birth mother’s needs, but they shouldn’t exclude the birth fathers. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we understand that adoption can have a huge emotional impact on birth fathers. Depending on his relationship with the birth mother, the birth father may be involved in his child’s adoption plan. He may help the birth mother find an adoptive family. As a result, he may know who the adoptive parents are. It’s important to remember birth father’s for their role in adoption. If you’re an adoptive parent, you can show your appreciation for birth fathers through Father’s Day.

Father’s Day for Birth Fathers

Depending on the adoption plan and depending on his involvement in said adoption plan, the birth father (like the birth mother) can see his child on occasion. If everyone feels comfortable, he and the adoptive family can get in touch around Father’s Day. They could go out for lunch or dinner together. If the adoptive parents don’t feel comfortable seeing the birth father in person on that particular day, they may send him a gift or a card.

Celebrating Birth Parents

Birth Mother’s Day is a national holiday that celebrates birth mothers for their selflessness and courage. The holiday is held on the Saturday before Mother’s Day. Similarly, Birth Father’s Day is a holiday that recognizes birth fathers. It’s held on the Saturday before Father’s Day.

Through Birth Mother’s Day and Birth Father’s Day, we recognize that adoption is a difficult decision to make as a birth parent. We recognize the men and women who made the decision to give their children a suitable life. We recognize their selflessness and courageousness.

Birth Mother’s Day and Birth Father’s Day give adoptive parents the opportunity to thank the birth parents for their role in creating their family. If the adoptive parents know their child’s birth mother, they can send her a card, a bouquet of flowers, a box of chocolates, or some other gift. If the adoptive parents know their child’s birth father, they can send him a card, a new shirt, or some other gift.

Father’s Day for Adoptive Fathers

While it’s important to remember birth fathers on Father’s Day, it’s equally important to celebrate adoptive fathers on Father’s Day.

Adoptive fathers play a very important role in adoption. They’re the ones who welcome children into their homes. They provide love and comfort, and they deserve recognition.

If the birth parents have maintained contact with the adoptive family, they can send the adoptive father a Father’s Day gift or card. They can use Father’s Day as an opportunity to thank the adoptive family for giving their child a home.

Father’s Day at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

For the past two decades, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has been committed to helping birth parents find adoptive families for their children. Our adoption agency has forged friendships between birth parents and intended parents. We recognize the importance of each person involved in the adoption process. We celebrate birth fathers and adoptive fathers alike, and we encourage others to do the same.


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