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Celebrating Mothers and Birth Mothers This Coming Mother’s Day Weekend 

By Julian Burgos  

Mother’s Day has always served as a great opportunity to celebrate the wonderful mothers in our lives. However, there is a certain demographic that is consistently excluded from this celebration: birth mothers. 

Birth mothers are those brave individuals who made the courageous and selfless decision to allow another family to raise their child. But where are their Hallmark greeting cards at our local retail stores? Where are the advertisements and social media posts highlighting this alternate road of motherhood? Birth mothers are routinely forgotten this time of year. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we want to highlight these brave women who put their babies up for adoption.

What Is Birth Mother’s Day and How Is It Different from Mother’s Day?

What is Birth Mother’s Day? Many of you might have not even heard about this national holiday. Birth Mother’s Day takes place on the Saturday before National Mother’s Day. National Mother’s Day celebrates the mothers in our lives. It is meant to be a day where we express our love and gratitude for the wonderful process of motherhood. Birth Mother’s Day specifically singles out birth mothers and gives them their day in the spotlight. It is a day intended to celebrate the bravery of adoption and the sacrifice that birth mothers gave.  

The History and Purpose of Birth Mother’s Day 

This holiday originated when a group of birth mothers wanted to celebrate those who place their babies up for adoption. The holiday originated in Seattle, Washington in 1990. A birth mother named Mary Jean Wolch-Marsh and other birth mothers desired a day of remembrance for their sacrifice. The intention of this holiday was to show people that motherhood is not always a linear path. Birth mothers also deserve to be recognized for their difficult and brave decisions. They hoped that this day would mean that society wouldn’t ignore the sacrifices that birth mothers make for their children.

This is an important holiday that aims to shift our attitudes about adoption into a more positive light in our culture. Many people still hold negative beliefs and opinions about adoption without being fully informed on the subject or knowing people’s circumstances.  

 How Can You Celebrate Birth Mother’s Day?  

You’re probably wondering how you can celebrate the birth mother in your life. Or you may be wondering what are some of the best ways to celebrate this holiday? A simple acknowledgment and “thank you” can go a long way in making birth mothers feel heard and appreciated. Sometimes that’s all it takes to make someone’s day. 

Another great way to celebrate is to have dinner in their honor. This can mean taking them out to eat at their favorite restaurant or inviting them over and making them their favorite plate. 

You can also spend time with them and partake in their favorite activities to make them feel welcome and appreciated. Many families also plant trees in honor of their child’s birth mother and show them pictures. This is a wonderful way of allowing your child to get to know their birth parents and have them be present in their lives.

Showing your children who their birth parents are can help them in figuring out their own identity. It can answer questions about their past and help them find peace if they begin to question their birth mother’s sacrifice. Celebrating their birth parents can help remove any feelings of resentment or shame concerning their birth.    

The Complementary Nature of Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day 

Because Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day are quite literally one day apart, they have a unique complementary nature between the two of them. These two days serve as a way to celebrate all mothers and strands of motherhood. Motherhood is not a singular path, everyone’s journey into motherhood is unique and deeply personal. 

Adoption is another path that some women take in their parental journey, and it shouldn’t be scrutinized but instead celebrated. It takes tremendous courage to accept that your baby will have more opportunities in a home that is not yours. It’s not a decision that is easily made.  It takes a special kind of bravery to decide on giving a baby up for adoption. These two holidays intersecting directly with each other is fitting as it serves as a way of showing that motherhood can take many different forms. 

Celebrate Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is proud to support and celebrate all mothers this upcoming Mother’s Day and Birth Mother’s Day. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma have helped countless mothers find a home for their children. We hope that they receive a day of celebration and appreciation as all other mothers should on this special weekend. 

This Birth Mother’s Day can be a good time for new moms to think about adoption and find unplanned pregnancy help. We offer a wide range of services to birth mothers and can help you form an adoption plan formulated to fit your specific needs. You don’t have to make this decision on your own. For more information, visit the Adoption Choices of Oklahoma website to schedule a consultation through our adoption center.  

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