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Celebrating Self After Adoption Placement: A New Year, A New You

By Rockebah Charles-Stewart

With the new year upon us, we are hopeful for an exceptional year. For birth mothers who have recently completed a placement with a Tulsa adoption agency, celebrating the start of a new year can be tough. Instead of welcoming the prospective year with eagerness, you may dwell on the unplanned pregnancy of 2023. Taking care of yourself is a way to fight negative feelings. Our counseling team at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is eager to guide you. We are here for you. Not only during the adoption process but even as you embrace the newfound version of yourself.

The Importance of Self-Care for Birth Mothers After Placement

When you put your child up for adoption, it can leave you feeling lost. Therefore, prioritizing self-care becomes even more important. Self-care can help birth mothers cope with the separation of child adoption. It can also give you a sense of renewal and the strength you need to move forward with your life.

What Does Practicing Self-Care After Adoption Mean for Mental Health?

Self-care has several benefits for mental health. These include:

  • Less stress and anxiety about the Oklahoma City Adoption
  • Boosted mood and overall wellness
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence
  • More solid relationships
  • Improved coping skills
  • Experiencing more peace and acceptance

Methods of Self-Care Available for Birth Mothers After Adoption

An adoption center, besides aiding you with an adoption plan, can help you prioritize self-care in your daily life. We can assist you in finding the most comfortable option for you. These include:

  • Physical self-care: This focuses on the well-being of your body. It means eating healthy, exercising, getting enough sleep, and pampering yourself. Pampering can come in different forms, such as a massage, mani-pedi, or spa day.
  • Emotional self-care: This focuses on identifying and managing your feelings. Journaling and therapy can help you flush out your deepest emotions. Whereas meditation, spending time in nature, and connecting with loved ones can soothe you.
  • Spiritual self-care: With this form of self-care, you let go of your concerns to a higher power. Praying, meditating, doing yoga, and spending time in nature help you let go of worries.
  • Social self-care: Isolation is not the answer after child adoption. You will need to connect with others, such as birth mothers. You can find comfort in a support group or with loved ones.

Self-Care Tips for After-Adoption

Incorporating self-care to your life does not have to be intricate. There are many simple practices you can incorporate to improve your mental health after child placement. This includes:

  • Meditate: Meditating is a great way to relax your mind. It’s a great way to unwind and rejuvenate. 
  • Exercise regularly: There’s no need to be concerned if you’re unable to go to the gym. Several alternatives are available. Going for a pleasant walk outside can contribute to an uplifted state of mind. There are also plenty of indoor exercises at your disposal. Both a wall and a chair can be used for exercises such as leg lifts, squats, and calf raises.
  • Laugh: We know it sounds weird, but laughing really is medicine. Laughing has tons of benefits, including improving your mental health. 
  • Eat healthier foods: Eating healthier boosts your energy, focus, and mood. By eating healthy, you’re giving your body the fuel it needs for the day. If your blood sugar level crashes, it will be a struggle to get through the day.
  • Get enough sleep: Your brain rests and prepares for the next day during sleep. Hence, the absence of sleep can influence its abilities, causing tiredness and an inability to focus.
  • Ask for help: One of the best tips is to reach out for help from family and friends. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma post-adoption counseling can be of great assistance. The “self” in self-care doesn’t mean you have to do it all by yourself. Sometimes a listening ear is all you need to get out of your rut. 

Create a New You After Adoption Placement

There is a wide range of methods and practices for self-care, although some may not be suitable for you. However, integrating the appropriate ones into your lifestyle can enhance your life post-adoption.

If you are a birth mother thinking about adoption in Oklahoma, consider Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We will assist you with your Oklahoma adoption and help you establish a self-care routine post-placement.


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