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Celebrating the National Adoption Month at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

By Sreevidya Rajesh

Adoption is a way to bring joy to your family. For all those involved, from birth parents to the Adoptive families, adoption can be beneficial. November is considered as the National Adoption Month. In the United States of America, there are many children who are in foster care waiting for loving homes. Many birth parents who wish to provide a better home for their baby due to unplanned pregnancy also consider adoption as a good option. November is National Adoption Month, where campaigns are held to spread the message and awareness among people. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an adoption agency near you in Oklahoma that organizes many events to help spread awareness. This is a month to celebrate the importance of adoption for all those involved. 

The History of National Adoption Month and the Message given by Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma

In 1976, the Massachusetts Governor, Michael Dukakis, recognized the importance of adoption awareness. He declared that the state of Massachusetts would celebrate adoption awareness for a week. Later President Reagan first declared the National Adoption Week in 1984. This created a huge impact on the country.  More and more states began to participate and engage in events for National Adoption Week. This gained more popularity and the need to spread awareness increased. By 1995, Adoption Week became hugely recognized and many events were not able to fit in a week. Therefore, President Bill Clinton extended the weeklong event and made November the National Adoption Month. We have been celebrating it till this day!

The message behind National Adoption Month is to create awareness. Tulsa adoption agencies and adoption agencies in Oklahoma organize events to educate families about adoption. So many children are waiting to be cared for and loved. Adoption can give a chance for families to come together and create a beautiful life for a child. November is the right time to raise the topic of Adoption. It comes right before the holidays when children can get the care and love they deserve.  

How can you spread awareness of National Adoption Month at Oklahoma Adoption Centers?

To spread the significance of adoption word of mouth is a simple and effective way. There are many people who do not know that November is celebrated as National Adoption Month. So by word of mouth, we can inform one another about the importance of adoption. By letting your family and friends know, you can spread the knowledge about adoption. More and more people can get to know the benefits and joy adoption brings. Therefore word of mouth is an effective and important tool to gain awareness of adoption. 

If you are considering giving your baby up for adoption, then you should search for adoption agencies in Oklahoma or Tulsa adoption agencies. You will get many results to choose from. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will get the best possible support. Being aware of adoption you would want to know more about the adoption process and all the steps involved. Learning about the process can be empowering to make the right decision for you and your baby.

How Can You Get Support From Oklahoma Adoption? 

After deciding on adoption for your baby, you can learn about the different ways you can get support during your pregnancy. Financial needs such as medical and hospital expenses will be covered. Adoption in Oklahoma supports you if you are homeless. You will get help to find a safe house and expenses such as rest and utilities will be taken care of. Daily needs such as groceries and medicines will be provided too. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help relieve you of stress and anxiety that is normal during pregnancy.  

Putting a child up for adoption is a huge and brave decision. This can be made easy if you feel in control of the whole process. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will have the ability to create an individual adoption plan. This can give you control over the type of the adoption. The main options are closed, semi-open, and open adoptions. Each option can be tailored to suit your interests and needs.

If you choose closed adoption, then you will have no contact with the adoptive family. It can help you move on with your life. Semi-open adoptions can provide some updates about your child, but you may choose to not be in touch with the family. Open adoptions offer more interactions with your child and the adoptive family. You can play an active role in your child’s life alongside the adoptive parents. No matter what type of adoption you choose, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will make sure your adoption journey is stress-free. 

How Can You Support National Adoption Month through Adoption Choices of Oklahoma?

Considering adoption for your baby can be the best decision for you. You can help spread awareness this November and support adoption agencies such as Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

  • Share adoption information with your friends and family on social media 
  • Encourage and educate people you know who may be considering adoption or may be going through the adoption process
  • Reach out to your local authorities to speak at events to support adoption
  • Share or write blog articles on the positives of adoption on your social media
  • Educate children about adoption and how they should treat adopted kids 
  • Donate and volunteer at the local adoption centers
  • Organize fundraisers to support adoption agencies

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption center in Oklahoma that assists birth parents and adoptive parents with kindness and empathy. The agency is committed to providing personalized adoption plans to suit your interests. If you are a birth parent considering adoption and seeking adoption information, you can contact them.

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