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Do Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma Let Me Give My Baby Away to a Single Man?

By Joe Salemme

When you give your baby up for adoption, you will instantly change someone’s life for the better. Usually, when you hear this phrase, however, it usually uses the word “lives” instead of “life.” It’s true that a “traditional” adoption plan involves you giving your baby to a married couple. While this may be the norm, it is far from your only option.

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we are dedicated to giving any and all adoptive parents a chance to adopt. Single adoptive fathers are no exception to this. As a result, we want to make sure you are educated on single-father adoptions to see if it works for you and your baby.

Will the adoption process be different or harder if I choose a single man to adopt my baby?

Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma want to give each and every adoptive parent a fair opportunity. Because of this, the application and evaluation processes are exactly the same for all, regardless of sex or relationship status. You personally will not have to jump through any extra loops if you choose to have a single man adopt your child. If you were worried this decision would bring extra baggage, you could scratch that fear off your list right now.

Common characteristics of single men looking to adopt

You probably have a lot of questions regarding single parenting. It is understandable; single parenting has been heavily stigmatized over recent years, single fatherhood especially. Single men adoption has many stereotypes itself, with skepticism towards the father’s intentions being the most common one. All the stigma and stereotypes surrounding single fathers may drive you away from giving your baby away to a single man. However, single men looking to adopt share a variety of positive qualities, including:

  • Financial stability

Single men looking to adopt usually are in very solid financial situations. You will not have to worry about your baby growing up in financial uncertainty.

  • Determination

The stigma surrounding single fatherhood can make it a little more challenging for single men to adopt. As a result, single men tend to be very determined throughout the adoption process, a great quality for a parent to possess.

  • Education

Single men looking to adopt tend to have higher levels of education. This is something you may value when looking at potential birth parents.

  • Emotional readiness

If a single man is looking to adopt, it usually is an indicator of emotional maturity. This can be very important if you are giving your baby away at birth. The adoptive father will be able to emotionally react to adopting a baby so soon in a controlled manner.

It is important to keep in mind that these characteristics are merely generalizations. Of course, each man will vary, but these are just some of the characteristics you may see in single men looking to adopt. 

How does a single adoptive father differ from a more traditional family?

Single parenting is undoubtedly different from the more traditional family setting. While you may only be thinking of negative differences, there are positive ones as well! The bond between your baby and a single father will be very unique and yield distinctive benefits. A single father will have more time to bond with their adoptive child one on one. The father can bring much more emotional support and attention to your child. While a spouse can certainly help with raising a child, it could also result in split time for the child and their two parents. If you choose to have a single man adopt your baby, the two can have a much tighter bond if it is just the two of them.

Your baby may also become very independent and mature at a young age while growing up with a single father. Single fathers make excellent role models for their children. They are able to see them work hard and overcome the obstacles single parenting sometimes brings firsthand. Your child will really look up to their father, perhaps even more than they would if they were in a traditional family. Children of single-parent households also tend to take on more responsibilities. Through this, your baby will learn a lot of valuable traits and skills, such as time management.

How Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you find a single man to adopt your baby

If you feel like these qualities of a single father suit your baby’s needs, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you find the perfect adoptive father. Our Tulsa adoption agencies allow for open adoptions where you can meet and get to know the adoptive father. Here you can see if he exhibits any of the traits that you value most in an adoptive parent.

If you are still hesitant about giving your baby up for adoption to a single man, give them a chance. Given the poor reputation single parenting has gotten over the years, your hesitancy is understandable. However, a single-father household may be the perfect place for your child.

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