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Choosing a Single Parent to Adopt My Baby

By Chloe Taylor

When considering placing a baby up for adoption, choosing the right adoptive family is crucial. After selecting the type of adoption you want, the next step is picking an adoptive family. Sometimes the right choice is not as obvious. There is the possibility of having single adoptive parents. At first glance, it might seem like single parents are not the ideal option, but there are strengths in having a single parent adopt your child. By choosing an adoption agency for private adoption in Oklahoma, you can more easily move through the adoption process. Finding a loving home that is a safe, stable, and caring environment is truly the key. 

How Adoptive Family Profiles are Selected

All possible adoptive families are thoroughly screened and chosen with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We determine that they are prepared and ready to have a safe and loving home for a child. Once you are at the step of selecting an adoptive family, we will have a list of adoptive family profile matches based on you and your child’s needs. When you are considering adoptive family profiles, it can be stressful and challenging. There may be a lot of unknowns and you are unsure what would work best for your child. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma makes finding the perfect adoptive parent easier. 

Choosing a Single Mother as an Adoptive Parent

There are safe and caring single-parent homes. Adoptive single mothers are committed. Once they decide to adopt, they will not waver in their commitment. They will not give up. As a single parent, they will not only have financial stability but also support systems. Most single mothers have strong support systems through family and friends to provide not only assistance but also emotional support. These support systems are necessary to provide support for a single-parent home. 

Choosing a Single Father as an Adoptive Parent

Choosing a single man as an adoptive parent is normally not the first option that comes to mind. However, it can be just as rewarding as they are able to provide a loving and stable environment. There are many strengths in choosing a single father. 

Financial stability

Single men typically are financially stable. They are prepared and ready to provide financially for your child’s safety. 

The Child will be their Main Focus 

Any single parent’s main focus will be on the child. They genuinely care about your child and as a single parent, they would be their top priority. Your child would have their undivided attention. With a single father, your child will view them as their main role model and will likely grow up more independent.

Emotionally Aware and Intune 

When a single man chooses to adopt, it suggests that he is emotionally in tune. Remember, you choose the adoptive family. When meeting with any potential adoptive parent, it is important to discover how emotionally mature they are. 

Focus on Quality of Life

As a single adoptive parent, they would strive to give their child the best possible life. When going through your adoption plan, determine the potential adoptive parent’s values. Single adoptive parents can provide emotional and intellectual care for the child. They can prioritze the child through encouragement and support, providing the means for the child to grow a growth mindset. Single adoptive parents often have a harder time adopting since it is less traditional, but that simply makes them more determined and committed.

No Opportunity for Divorce or Family Strain

Adoption with a single parent limits the opportunity for divorce or possible family issues interfering with the emotional safety of the child. This increases the chances of the child growing up with healthy emotional growth. 

Potential Concerns for Single-Parent Adoptions

As a less traditional adoption option, there may be more unknowns. You may be concerned with a single parent’s lack of a partner. They may have more of a workload. However, as a single parent, their main focus will be the child. This can be extremely beneficial as they will prioritize the child’s quality of life as their number one focus. There have been many successful single-parent adoptions. There are many stable and loving single-parent homes able to provide wonderful care and upbringing for your child. 

Choosing Adoption in Oklahoma

Focus on your needs and your child’s needs. It is crucial to have open communication throughout the whole adoption process. If you believe something might not be the best option for your child, make sure to communicate it. Take some time and read the adoptive family stories.

If you are considering giving your baby up for adoption, reach out to adoption agencies in Oklahoma for assistance. You do not have to go through it by yourself. We have the answers you seek. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma a non-profit, professional, and licensed adoption agency in Oklahoma is prepared and ready to help you in many capacities including unplanned pregnancy help.

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