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Choosing Adoption at the Hospital 

By Samatha Hemingway

If you have decided to choose adoption at the hospital, you have come to the right place. While many mothers begin the adoption process during their pregnancy, it is possible to place your baby for adoption after you’ve given birth. Here at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we strive to ensure that mothers feel secure and confident in the adoption decisions they make. Our agency is dedicated to making this process more manageable for you. There are many reasons why you might consider giving your baby up for adoption. Our adoption center is here to provide you with the knowledge and resources you need to navigate through this process with assurance.

Reasons Why You Might Choose Adoption at the Hospital

Placing your baby for adoption might be the best decision for you. Below are a few of the many reasons why a mother might consider adoption. 

Financial considerations: We understand the financial stress that parenting a child can bring. You may not feel financially prepared to provide for a baby, and that’s okay. Adoption can be a way to ensure that your baby will have the resources they need to thrive as they grow.

Emotional Readiness: Taking on the responsibility of motherhood comes with many challenges. You might feel unprepared or unable to care for a baby emotionally.

Relationship problems: You may be in a situation where the father of the baby is either unsupportive or not involved. Having a stable network of people to help you raise your child is important. Choosing adoption can offer your baby a secure and loving family environment. 

Health concerns: It’s possible that you have underlying health issues that could impede your ability to care for your child. 

Life circumstances: There are many scenarios that could make raising a child difficult. Perhaps you’re in school, have a demanding job, or are caring for other family members. No matter your circumstances, we are available to help alleviate any difficulties you may face. 

How Does the Adoption Process in Oklahoma Work?

We understand that the process can seem overwhelming. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to assist you in making the process as effortless as possible. 

An Adoption Specialist will be Assigned to You

Your adoption specialist will schedule an in-person appointment with you. We understand that you are in a difficult position, so don’t worry. We will come to you. 

What Should You Expect at Your Appointment With Adoption Choices of Oklahoma? 

During your appointment, you will let us know what type of family you would like your baby to go to. Next, although there is no charge, you and your Birth Parent Counselor will discuss what financial assistance you might need. Lastly, you will discuss your medical background. During your appointment, you are welcome to ask any questions you may have. Our staff at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is dedicated to creating a comfortable and supportive environment for you. 

We Will Start Our Search for an Adoptive Family 

Your Birth Parent Counselor will schedule a time to meet with you. During this appointment, you will look at multiple family profiles. We are more than happy to check out additional profiles if the ones provided aren’t a good match. Once you have selected a family for your baby, you will be given the opportunity to meet with them, via phone and in person. During this time, it’s important for you to know that your Birth Parent Counselor will be there to support you. 

For up to eight weeks after the adoption is finalized, your Birth Parent Counselor will provide continuous support. 

Who Do I Need to Contact to Begin the Process?

Our staff at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is by your side 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns. There are people willing to support you through the adoption process. Our agency is here to serve your needs.

Choosing adoption at the hospital can be a difficult decision to make. It is, however, a selfless and loving choice that can provide a better life for your child. It’s important that you understand your options. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you with your adoption plan. Working with a reputable agency like ours will guarantee that you receive the support and guidance you need throughout the process. Adoption is a beautiful, courageous decision that should be celebrated. Birth mothers who choose this path are giving their baby the best possible start to their life.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process.  If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
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