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How Adoption Can Support You Through Difficult Times

By Brendan Finegan

Not every birth mother will have the same journey along the adoption process. The choice to proceed with adoption is guaranteed to be bundled with unique challenges. Some birth mothers may not have secure housing while they navigate adoption in Oklahoma. Or perhaps they are dealing with substance abuse during an unplanned pregnancy. In other circumstances, birth mothers may be in a physically or emotionally abusive situation with their partner. 

If you feel that you fall into one of these areas, know that you’re not alone. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands the hardships that come with pregnancy during exceptionally difficult times. Know that no matter what situation you are in, there is an adoption plan out there for you that’s made to give you success and comfort. Before you can proceed with a birth plan, though, you need to first understand the steps needed to complete the adoption process. 

How to Get the Support You Need During Difficult Times

Step 1: Contact Oklahoma Adoption

Once you’ve contacted Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you will have a face-to-face appointment with an adoption specialist. This adoption specialist will be assigned to you to help you navigate the difficult but manageable process of adoption. They will help you sort through the details of what you need for a successful and meaningful adoption. Any significant or alarming issue that you have during the adoption process will be sorted out with your adoption specialist. You also will iron out what exactly you’re looking for in an adoptive family. And details such as finances, medical care, and housing will be addressed. We will provide you with as many resources as possible to help you have a comfortable and compassionate pregnancy.

Step 2: Look for an Adoptive Family

With precision and determination, you’ll find the adoptive family that’s right for you. There will always be options with Tulsa adoption agencies and Oklahoma City adoption. If you’re unsure of what adoption types are available to you, take a look at which option you think will be best.

  • Open adoption: You will be able to have constant contact with your adoption family during and after the adoption process. Depending on what you want, the adoptive family can be present on your due date. The adoptive family can be as involved as you like while you’re pregnant. Just make sure that you’re aware that you both will have to agree on what level of communication is considered appropriate.
  • Semi-open adoption: You’ll still choose from a variety of profiles to determine which adoptive family will be best. However identifying information will be not shared, and your contact with your adoptive family will be minimal. Sometimes you’ll be able to contact your adoptive family leading up to your delivery. It all depends on what type of contact that is agreed on. At the very least, you’ll maintain some communication through a third party, such as an adoption agency.
  • Closed adoption: No identifying information will be shared between you and your adoptive family. You’ll have no say over which family is selected. You will have no communication with your adoptive family after your due date, and your child will have no information about your identity. What’s most important is that you choose the communication you want for both during the adoption process and after your due date.

Step 3: Receive Support Throughout Your Pregnancy

No matter what your circumstance is, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to support and affirm the difficult choices you’ll have to make. In order to give you the exceptional resources that you need, we will carefully consider what you’ll need for your situation. If having a stable place to stay is going to be an issue during your pregnancy, we can assist with finding housing. 

There might be other areas that are a more personal struggle, such as substance abuse or abusive relationships. Know that we will always come from a place of nonjudgement. Our goal is to give you an adoption specialist that’ll understand your needs and create a plan that’s best for you. We know that the health of your baby is your biggest concern, even when you’re putting your child up for adoption

Your adoption specialist will be able to assist you with gaining medical care for drug or alcohol abuse. And if you’re not getting the support you need from your partner or family, your adoption specialist is here to help you. You may feel entirely lonely when you find out that you’re pregnant. The personal battles that you may be facing might be deep, such as being in a physically or emotionally abusive relationship. We will always utilize whatever resources possible to give you a stabilizing and healthy adoption.

Step 4: Have Counseling After Your Due Date

The adoption process does not stop after your delivery date. A child adoption will consist of multiple steps that are both strenuously emotional and mental. That is why we want you to have the services that will set you up with success post-placement. Details about your housing, medical support, and emotional counseling will be sorted out when you first develop your adoption plan. You will not at any point be uncertain of what assistance you will be receiving, even after your due date. 

No Situation is Beyond Adoption Support

You may find yourself with an assortment of issues and worries after you find out you’re pregnant. Some of these fears may feel out of your reach, and they could become a defining narrative throughout your unplanned pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants you to know that this does not have to be your reality. Some people may find themselves in certain rock bottoms, such as homelessness or substance abuse. And add on having to figure out adoption, and you may feel that you have an impossible mountain to climb. With mindful planning and support, however, you’re going to have a successful adoption. No challenge will deter you from conquering your exceptionally unique and difficult circumstances.

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