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Choosing Open Adoption with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

By Julian Burgos 

During the early stages of the adoption process, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by information you might not be familiar with. You might have never heard of terms like “open” or “closed” adoptions or realize that you have several options available to you. We know that searching for adoption information during your research can be a new experience and you might not know where to start. Our staff at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to answer any questions you may have about these kinds of adoptions. We are here to support you and provide you with the care you need as you decide which kind of adoption is right for you. 

What Is an Open Adoption? 

An open adoption means that the birth parents maintain contact with their baby and the adoptive parents after the completion of the adoption process. Once your baby is with their chosen adoptive parents, you will have regular contact with their family. This means you can receive letters, pictures, videos, or even phone calls to see how they are doing.  

An open adoption also invites the possibility of connection. This connection that you maintain with your baby can give you comfort and peace as they continue to grow in their new environment. You may find relief in knowing that they are with a loving family that takes care of their everyday needs and provides them with opportunities that may not have been open to them before the adoption took place. 

The Advantages of an Open Adoption 

Now that you know what an open adoption is, you might be wondering, “is this the right kind of adoption for my baby?” Deciding on an open adoption for you and your baby has many benefits for both families.  

  • Having regular contact with your baby and their adoptive parents can give you peace of mind and comfort.  
  • Knowing the current state of your baby means that you won’t have to wonder where they are or who is taking care of them.  
  • Maintaining a line of contact can help them during their growth and development as they find their own identity.  
  • Children living in a home with two parents who are financially stable and prepared for parenthood can have their basic daily needs met. An environment that is not meeting a child’s needs can be detrimental to their development.  

Putting a child up for adoption doesn’t mean that contact with them needs to be completely severed. There is a path going forward where everyone involved can benefit from this special kind of relationship. It’s important to understand that we are living in a time where women are capable of achieving their personal goals and ambitions. An unplanned pregnancy doesn’t mean that your dreams have to end. It also doesn’t mean that you have to break off any connection with your baby. For many birth mothers, an open adoption can be a way of staying in contact with your child while also pursuing your life goals. 

Open Adoption and its Disadvantages 

It’s important to note that while open adoptions are becoming increasingly popular in our modern society, there can be disadvantages. An open adoption can be beneficial in allowing access for birth mothers into their babies’ lives. However, this may cause a disruption in the relationship between the birth mother and adoptive parents. Feelings of jealousy might occur from the birth mother, which could lead to regret in the decision to adopt. If both parties do not respect each other’s boundaries, the open adoption might be jeopardized in the process. 

A Change in Attitude Towards Adoption in our Modern Society 

Recent trends have shown that more birth mothers are choosing to have open adoptions with their babies. Attitudes toward adoption have been gradually changing in our country, and women no longer need to feel ashamed for making this decision. Before the modern times we are living in now, there was a huge stigma towards adoption. Women were made to feel guilty for this selfless act and not being able to take care of their unexpected children. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will never judge or shame you for making this brave and difficult choice. It takes great courage to accept that your child could have greater opportunities with a family that has prepared for parenthood. The rising trend of birth mothers who want to maintain a relationship with their children can be seen as a positive change in our attitudes toward adoption. 

Many people believe that “giving your baby up for adoption” means exactly that – giving up. However, this phrase is not an accurate portrayal of what the adoption process is truly like. You are not “giving up,” and our agencies in Oklahoma can help you with whatever you are going through. Whether it be an Oklahoma city adoption or our Tulsa adoption agencies area, we can help you with your private adoption in Oklahoma

 For More Information on Adoption, Visit Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

You don’t have to make all these decisions on your own. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can give you the services you need to decide if an open adoption is right for you. We will guide you through the entire adoption process and help you form an adoption plan that fits your specific needs.

Your adoption plan will consist of you having the option of choosing the right adoptive family for your baby. We know that every child has specific needs when it comes to their growth and development. You will be able to choose the perfect adoptive family for your baby and ensure they will grow up in a safe environment. We will provide you with a hospital plan that works for you and ensures a safe pregnancy for you and your baby. After this process is complete, you will be able to decide if an open adoption is something you would want for yourself. For any questions or concerns you may have, our representatives are always available to help you in your adoption journey.

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