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Choosing the Right Family for Adoption in Oklahoma: LGBTQ+ Families 

By Sadie Fidler

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can make you feel alone and overwhelmed, wondering where to start. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, our team is committed to providing expecting mothers with an informed, empowering, and reassuring adoption process. In addition to providing resources to determine if adoption is the right choice for you, we are dedicated to working with you to make informed decisions on choosing the right adoptive family for your child. Throughout the entire process, we aim to support you as you place your baby up for adoption. 

Today, an adoptive mother and father is just one example of the various family structures that you can choose for your child. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we offer an array of family structures that include single parents as well as LGBTQ+ couples, all eager to provide your child with love and support. As the only non-faith-based adoption agency in Oklahoma, all Adoption Choices of Oklahoma centers are proud to support same-sex couple adoption. 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we are here to help you choose the right adoptive family for your child. To help make the process a little easier, here are some answers to common concerns about LGBTQ+ adoption.

Common Concerns Associated with LGBTQ+ Adoption

Many mothers considering adoption worry that having their children raised in a same-sex household will cause the child to face discrimination. Unfortunately, there are some people who do not support same-sex couples as parents. Because of this, the child may encounter scenarios of harassment and prejudice, which can impact a child’s mental health and feelings of safety. This is definitely something to consider based on the social climate of the area they live in. 

Another common concern with same-sex adoption is the fact that the child will be raised without either a mother or a father. This is important to some because it is a common belief that children raised in same-sex households will be lacking important growth experience with support from both genders, impeding the child’s behavior. 

However, research shows that parental sexual orientation has no direct effect on a child’s behavior and exposure to different family structures. In fact, LGBTQ+ parents were found to be more likely to practice gender-flexible activities and support self-exploration than heterosexual couples. 

The Benefits of LGBTQ+ Adoption

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is proud to provide same-sex couples with the opportunity to be parents. Family structure is a factor to consider when choosing the right adoptive family for your child. Here are some reasons why you should consider placing your child with an LGBTQ+ couple: 

  • Since LGBTQ+ couples may not be able to biologically reproduce with each other, adoption serves as a way for these couples to begin families of their own. In fact, same-sex couples are seven times more likely than other-sex couples to adopt children. Because of this, LGBTQ+ couples are cited as expressing a higher inclination to adopt children from different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Additionally, LGBTQ+ couples are more likely to participate in supportive co-parenting than heterosexual couples, fostering equality within family dynamics. 
  • Growing up with same-sex parents, your child will experience an upbringing that is not influenced by traditional gender roles. Research shows that this can lead to adopted children becoming more open-minded and accepting adults. 
  • Additionally, LGBTQ+ couples were found to have increased interest in the improvement of their parenting skills. This means that LGBTQ+ couples were more likely to provide greater support and foster healthier mental health habits with their adoptive children than heterosexual couples. 

Choosing LGBTQ+ Adoption with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, regardless of sexual orientation, all adoptive parents go through a lengthy pre-screening process to ensure your child is placed in the best hands. The choice of adoptive parents is ultimately one that is up to you. If you are looking to receive more support as someone experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, all of our adoption agencies in Oklahoma offer counseling services to expecting mothers. 

Experiencing an unplanned pregnancy can be extremely overwhelming. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we understand that and are here to help you. We believe in collaborating with both you and the adoptive parent(s) to choose the best adoption plan for you and your child. As a private adoption agency, we offer flexibility and value input for your child’s adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is committed to finding the perfect match for every child and we are strong supporters of providing mothers with agency and power in the decision-making steps of the adoption process.  

If you are interested in learning more about the adoption process, please contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma.

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