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Considering Adoption in Oklahoma as a Rape Victim

 By Sreevidya(Vidya)

Sexual assault or rape is an extremely stressful for anyone, physically and emotionally. You may feel vulnerable and totally out of control.  Moreover, an unplanned pregnancy that is the result of a rape can be extremely difficult. You can either choose to give birth to the baby or terminate the pregnancy. If you decide to keep the baby, you have the option of either parenting or giving your baby up for adoption. No matter what your choice is, it is right for you at that point in time. If you choose adoption in Oklahoma, then it is good to know all of your options. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an agency that puts you in charge of your adoption process at every step.

Adoption in Oklahoma May Be a Good Option for You and Your Child

It is often very difficult to deal with a pregnancy resulting from a sexual assault. Being a rape victim, you have 3 options ahead of you.  Parent your child, give up your baby for adoption at birth, or terminate your pregnancy. 

  • Childcare: Birthmothers who are victims of sexual assault or abuse often do not have the resources to parent a child. Caring for a child requires time, money, proper housing, education, etc. Recovering from an abuse or rape is tough. Thinking about parenting an unplanned child will not make the healing process any easier. 
  • Termination: If you want to terminate your pregnancy, you have to learn about the laws in your state. The laws differ for victims of sexual assault. You also should worry about the trimester of your pregnancy. You should be medically fit to do so. All of these make it a complicated and frustrating process. 
  • Adoption: Adoption in Oklahoma allows you to be free of childcare and offers a bright future for your child. You will be in full control of the adoption process with support from the adoption agencies in Oklahoma. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma allow you to heal from the tragedy that you have experienced with their support and care. 

Due to the support and resources our Oklahoma City adoption provides, adoption is the most viable option. 

Does an Oklahoma Adoption Require the Consent of the Birth Father? 

Initially, the birth father has equal parental rights as the mother. However, if a parent is convicted of sexual assault, the parental rights are terminated. If you determine he is abusive, his rights can be revoked. If he is proven guilty, he can not have custody of the child. You have every right to feel intimidated, uncomfortable and threatened by him.  Under these circumstances, you may not need consent from the birth father before putting your child up for adoption

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you can get all the support and guidance you need to handle the situation. You will be treated with love and empathy. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma give priority to your and the child’s safety. 

Creating an Adoption Plan with the Adoption Agencies

It is always better to know all your adoption options and create an adoption plan with the adoption agencies in Oklahoma. Here you will be in control of the adoption process and you can make the right choices for you and your baby. The benefits of choosing adoption are many. Some of the resources provided by Adoption Choices of Oklahoma are:

  • The financial assistance is given for your monthly expenses such as rent, medicines, transport, utilities and groceries. 
  • Help you to find a safe, affordable and comfortable house.
  • Provide hospital care such as doctor visits and other medical expenses.
  • Professional counseling and support groups to overcome the trauma, anxiety and grief.
  • Assistance in finding the right adoptive family to suit your preferences. 
  • Support after adoption to give you time to recover and get back to your life. 

Know all the options available and create an appropriate adoption plan that works well for you. 

Seek Help With the Adoption Centers and Begin your Adoption Journey

After considering giving your baby up for adoption, you may discuss mental and physical health with the adoption agencies. The counseling sessions may cover topics such as:

  • Dealing with the physical as well as mental trauma after a sexual assault
  • Managing financial hardships
  • Overcoming the grief and loss of parental rights of your baby
  • Handling an abusive or unsupportive relationship
  • Choosing the right adoptive parents for your baby

While looking for adoption agencies near you, there will be many options you can choose from. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma provides the necessary care and support you need as a victim of sexual assault. You will be treated with affection and dignity throughout the adoption process in Oklahoma. If you are a pregnant rape victim and looking for guidance on choosing adoption, contact us.

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