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Considering Starting a Family After Putting a Child Up for Adoption

By Sreevidya Rajesh

“Can I have a family after placing a baby for adoption?” Absolutely! After putting a child up for adoption, you will have many chances of having another one. This can be due to three main reasons:

Whatever your situation, you will be surrounded by a lot of emotions. That can be exciting to start or add another member to your family. It can also be guilt as you have chosen to parent one after giving a baby up for adoption. All your feelings are honest, but there is no need to feel the guilt. You have every right to parent your baby or place a baby up for adoption. 

What Were Your Reasons for Choosing Adoption?

Firstly, contemplate the reasons for choosing adoption for your baby. Some of the reasons birth mother or parents opt to put a child up for adoption include:  

  • Not a good time in life to have and raise a child.
  • Financially not stable enough to provide for a child.
  • Choosing not to be a single parent.
  • Not in a position to expand the family.
  • Want to complete your education, focus on your career or achieve other goals?
  • Moved out or have begun a new relationship.
  • Adoption is the best chance for your child to get better opportunities due to various situations.  
  • The current relationship is abusive 
  • A sexual assault resulting in pregnancy
  • Homelessness, addiction, or serving time in prison can be difficult situations to parent a child.

All of the above-mentioned reasons are valid. You should feel empowered to have chosen adoption for your child. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma help you give your child a good life. 

In the future, your circumstances might be different. You might be in a better situation to parent. To help raise your child, you might have better support and resources. Right now you may feel ready both emotionally and financially to support a child. The single decision to give your baby away at birth earlier shouldn’t stop you from raising one now. 

If you do decide to choose adoption, Oklahoma City adoption can come to your aid, providing support and care. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma makes sure the whole process is a wonderful experience. The adoption process can change many lives for the better and doesn’t put an end to expanding your family. 

Coping with Having a Baby After Giving One Up for Adoption in Oklahoma

Feelings of guilt, shame and grief are normal when you decide to have a baby after putting one up for adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will provide the necessary resources to help you cope. The resources include support groups or professional counseling. Whether you are pursuing adoption this time or not, you can reach out to adoption agencies in Oklahoma. Here are things you should know if you are pregnant after giving a baby up for adoption

Sometimes, you might wonder if you can place another baby up for adoption. If you are choosing adoption again you need to be aware of a few things. You are the best person to decide if adoption for your baby is the right decision. If you want to pursue the adoption process in Oklahoma you have every right. Whatever your reason may be, you can contact adoption agencies near you. After deciding to put your baby up for adoption after delivery, you can choose the adoptive family. It can be the same family you placed another child with earlier. If that family is also open, and you are comfortable with the adoption plan with that family, you can do so. However, you are not bound, you can always wish to choose another family too. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will ensure a smooth process. 

Facing Your Feelings During a Pregnancy After Pursuing Adoption for One Baby

Perhaps you feel emotionally and financially ready to parent your child. You might be in a stage that facilitates keeping your child now. Although it is exciting, you may feel a sense of guilt. It is also normal to feel sad. You may feel the absence of the other child much more this time. The reason for giving  your baby up for adoption was best for both you and the baby at that time. Now you feel ready to parent your child. Allow yourself the joys of motherhood and enjoy your pregnancy. Keep in mind that you will always have a place in your heart for the other baby. Never let guilt consume your pregnancy. 

During pregnancy, many events may bring back past memories. Allow yourself some help during these difficult times. Do not feel lonely, adoption agencies in Oklahoma will contact the right people to help you. You can be open about the feelings and experiences you are undergoing. It is important to share your feelings with support groups or counselors. This will help you heal through the pregnancy. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma can help you cope with your feelings even if you have not decided to pursue adoption. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will Help you Enjoy this New Phase

If you are pregnant and seeking help to cope with your pregnancy, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is your option. After placing one baby for adoption, you might have lots of questions and face different emotions throughout this new pregnancy. It is essential to understand your feelings. It is important to know that there are various options. You should understand the resources that are available. Moreover, enjoy this new chapter in your life happily. 

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