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Creating an Adoption Plan with Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma

By Rose O’Connor

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming and scary. You may be wondering how you are going to be putting a child up for adoption. Looking at the overall concept of adoption may be overwhelming as well. That is why Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help you every step of the way! We can not only offer you the necessary resources for you and your child, but we can guide you through the steps. The adoption process has a lot of steps, but we will make sure to help you and answer all of your questions. 

Some Ways that an Adoption Plan Can Help You

After completing the beginning steps of the adoption process, we will have you create an adoption plan. First, here are some ways an adoption plan can help you on your journey! 

1. Your Adoption Preferences Matters

Giving a baby up for adoption is not giving up. As a matter of fact, you are doing the opposite. Firstly, It is not an easy process, especially when you think I don’t want to parent or I can’t raise another baby.

That is why our staff is here for you to discuss the concepts of the adoption process and the adoption plan. Therefore, every birth mother has different preferences/needs when they are putting a child up for adoption. Our adoption specialists will help you make your plan. This includes discussions such as medical needs and ideal environments.  

2. You get to Create your Adoption Plan 

The important takeaway is that everyone has different needs. That is why Adoption Choices of Oklahoma makes sure that your adoption plan is customized by you. That means that you have full control of your plan from beginning to end. Communication is also key to this process since adoption plans can change. Moreover, we are here to assist you and to ensure the best decisions for you and your child. 

3. You Get Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma That are Experts In Adoption Laws 

Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma have years of experience in adoption laws. We are always here to help if you have any questions! 

Moreover, you have access to many local agencies. For example, we have Tulsa adoption agencies that can help you with the process. Therefore we are prepared to assist you with the help of counseling (which is always available to you). 

The Steps to Complete the Adoption Plan 

Now that you know the ways an adoption plan can help you, here are the main steps of the plan. We understand how overwhelming the steps of the overall process can be. That is why we break down each step into details. 

Step 1: Choose Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma 

It is important that your chosen adoption agency works with your needs, is licensed, and assists you with building the best plan for you. Therefore, when you choose to work with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you can be sure that our licensed agents will have checked the necessary steps of the plan. We want to make sure your child is in a loving and nurturing home. 

Step 2: Time to Choose an Adoptive Family!

Your adoption specialist will help you find the best adoptive family for your child. You will always be able to choose the family for your child. They will make sure the adoptive family fits your needs as well. Therefore, You will be shown different adoptive family profiles to choose from. Additionally, we will bring more profiles if these are not your match. 

Step 3: Outlining your Hospital Plan with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma 

A hospital plan is a list or a document that details what you want to do or don’t want to do during your hospital stay. Additionally, when you create one before your delivery, it can help you mentally prepare for this process. It also helps your adoption specialist and adoptive parents to comprehend the exact details of what you want your delivery to look like. When creating your outline, consider these questions” Who do you want to be with you during the birth? Will you also want alone time with your baby post-birth? 

Remember, do what is best for you and your child. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your decisions to make this process easier for you. If you have any additional questions, you can always reach out to us! 

Step 4: Post-Placement Communication with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

There are three different types of adoption you can have with your adoptive family: open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. There is no right or wrong answer. Each one comes with pros and cons. Therefore, you are able to make the best choice for you and your child. The level of contact is up to you! Do what makes you feel more comfortable. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is Here for You

You are not alone in this journey. We are here to guide you through the necessary steps of the adoption processPlacing your baby for adoption can be an emotional time. That is why we provide counseling and support for you and your child. We want to ensure that you made the best decision for you and that your child is in a loving and nurturing home. 

If you are a woman who wants to know more about the adoption plan, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized adoption experience to all involved in the adoption process.  If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us.
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