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Empowering Birth Mothers: Taking Control of Your Oklahoma Adoption Journey

By Noah Abrams

For many birth mothers, feelings of fear and anxiety arise when experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. If adoption is considered, these emotions may be triggered further. You may feel like adoption leaves you powerless and are fearful for your child’s future. You may also lack the support system you need to go through this journey. These are very valid reservations, but they can be overcome, especially with the help of a reputable adoption agency. 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we specialize in assisting birth mothers through unexpected pregnancy. We have over two decades of experience, and our specialized counselors are available whenever you need them. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you place your child in a loving home of your choice. We want you to be mentally and emotionally prepared for this journey. To help you do so, we provide various resources for emotional support throughout the process and sometime after. Please continue reading to discover the power you have in the adoption process as the birth mother.

Choosing the Type of Adoption

If you are considering adoption for your baby, you should consider the type of adoption you desire to have. There are three types, namely open adoption, semi-open adoption, and closed adoption. While we believe in open adoption for the birth mother and adoptive family, it is your decision. There are benefits and challenges linked to each that you get to reflect on to choose your preference. Please see below for a detailed description of each type:

  • Open Adoption: In an open adoption, communication between the birth mother and the adoptive family is accepted and embraced. This includes before and after the finalization of the adoption. This is for birth mothers who care to have a continued relationship with the adoptive family and child. 
  • Semi-Open Adoption: In a semi-open adoption, some authority is given to you to choose the best adoptive family. The profiles viewed will be detailed but won’t include any information that identifies the families. Direct contact between you and the adoptive family depends on both of your preferences. In most cases, if this is chosen, an adoption agency will be the intermediary. 
  • Closed Adoption: In a closed adoption, there is no communication or exchange of information between you and the adoptive family. Your child will be placed with an adoption agency for them to have authority over the adoption process. This was the most popular type until recently, as some openness is usually desired.

These adoption types offer you the authority to choose the way you want this journey to go. It sets the groundwork for a transparent process, allowing you to be in control each step of the way. Next, we will take a look at the adoption plan and its addition to your authority.

Creating an Adoption Plan 

You are not giving your baby up for adoption if you are considering adoption. Instead, you are placing your baby in a loving home. One of the first things you have to do to achieve this is creating your adoption plan. This gives you a sense of comfort and relief because it outlines in detail how each step will go. You won’t be left wondering what’s going to happen next. Instead, you will be confident, knowing that each step has been prepared ahead of time. With us beside you, you will make decisions about how your adoption process will go, including:

  • Choosing the adoptive family: We will show you profiles of potential adoptive families based on the ideal family you describe to us. We will try to match the families as closely as possible to what you want. From there, you will determine which family you want your child to be placed with.
  • Creating a personalized birth plan: This is to ensure you help you be at ease throughout your stay and delivery at the hospital. This includes things like:
    • Who do you want present during the birth, if anyone.
    • If you’ll want time to yourself after delivery.
    • If you want to take pictures with your child or the adoptive family.
    • If you want visitors during your stay.
    • If you want to name your child.
  • Level of communication with the adoptive family: You get to decide how frequently you communicate with the adoptive family by choosing the type of adoption. Though we encourage open adoption, it is up to you.

You won’t be left wondering what’s going to happen next. Instead, you will be confident throughout your adoption process. With us beside you, you will make decisions regarding your adoption process based on your preferences.

Support System Available Through Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

It is important that the adoption agency you work with can offer benefits to support you. If you’ve been searching for adoption agencies near me, we can be that agency for you. Because we understand the hardships a birth mother can face, we provide multiple benefits to all eligible birth mothers. They are meant to help you along your journey through pregnancy and even after if needed. Those benefits include:

  • Financial Assistance: We can provide financial support once court approved for living and grocery expenses. Additionally, we can help you with getting eligibility for public assistance programs like WIC and Food Stamps. 
  • Medical Assistance:  We can assist you with prenatal care, as well as any other medical needs throughout your pregnancy.
  • Safe Housing: It is important that your living environment is ideal to reduce stress. Because of this, we offer housing assistance to help you attain a safe space. 
  • Emotional Support: We understand you may be overwhelmed with emotion and can need someone to talk to. Because of this, we offer counseling and support groups as a resource.

We know that this is not a battle you should fight alone. These are the benefits we offer to make life easier for you during this process. 

Contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

If you are a birth mother considering adoption, you are not giving your baby up for adoption. Instead, you are placing your child with a loving family. Working with us, you have the authority to control the adoption process as well as your hospital experience. Our job is to educate you to make informed decisions and be here to support you. Contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma today to take control of your adoption journey! 

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