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Exploring Adoption Choices Oklahoma: A Modern Approach to Placing Your Child for Adoption

By Kate Armentor

If you, as a birth mother, are considering putting a child up for adoption, one of your choices may be Adoption Choices in Oklahoma. While agencies can be found anywhere in the state, the best known are Tulsa adoption agencies and Oklahoma City adoption. To any eligible birth mothers, they offer resources from transportation to shelter to nutritional support during their pregnancy. One thing all birth mothers receive is free counseling since their mental stability should be at a reasonable level for the entire duration. They also provide suitable plans for how to go about putting your child up for adoption. 

Types of Adoption

The following are types of child adoption that you can choose as a birth mother. 

Open Adoption

Open adoption allows birth mothers to interview and meet with potential adoptive parents. The amount of contact may vary between different families. Specific contact can include emails, letters, or gatherings. Though the types of communication may be different, the basic point remains the same. Both parties can contact each other the entire time before and after the adoption takes place. This is so the birth mother can form an attachment to the new parents of her child if she wants it. 

Semi-open Adoption

Semi-open adoption is not as involved as open adoption, but the birth mother still has some knowledge about the adoptive parents. She is given several profiles for potential adoptive families and can choose which ones she sees fit. This process is for birth mothers who want a say in who their child ends up with but do not want to engage with them. If either party wishes, they can contact each other throughout the pregnancy but end it after the adoption. 

Closed Adoption

Closed Adoption does not involve any contact between the birth mother and adoptive parents. This is mostly chosen by birth mothers who have already had their baby but is accepted by pregnant women as well. It has also decreased in popularity over the years in favor of the other two options. The child would be held at the adoption agency for an undisclosed time before they are adopted by carefully selected parents. Neither party is ever given information on the other except for the birth mother’s medical history. 

Benefits for Birth Mother and Child

When you are considering adoption, one way to consider your options is to think about the several upsides. For the birth mother, several resources will be offered to her if she chooses the adoption agency. She will be offered vitamins, a place to sleep, and, of course, free counseling. The free counseling will continue until eight weeks after the birth to ensure you remain mentally healthy afterward. The birth mother will be more likely to come out of her pregnancy healthier than if she did not choose adoption. For the child, a new, better family will be promised to them. They will be able to grow in a more stable home than what the birth mother can provide. If the birth mother wishes it, the child will even be able to hold contact with their birth parents. If you choose adoption, you are providing a happier future for yourself and your child. 

Resources for Birth Parents

It should be mentioned that adoption agencies do offer resources to those who are eligible. Not all birth mothers may be able to get every benefit they offer. It all depends on the specific needs of the birth mother, her income, her age, etc. However, one thing offered to all birth mothers is free counseling. One thing that all adoption agencies agree on is that the birth mother’s mental state must be in good shape. It can affect not just the mother’s well-being but the child’s development both in and out of the womb. Depending on your eligibility, you may also receive free transportation, gift cards for groceries, and a place to sleep. More of these things may be needed by a teenage birth mother, who may not have as much access to them. An older birth mother with a steady income and a means of transportation may not require as much. 

Why Adoption May Be the Best Option

While any birth mother is entitled to her own opinion, there are several aspects that could point her to adoption. Firstly, it would be more physically beneficial to allow an agency to help you as you progress in your pregnancy. This is especially true when going through the birth process, as you will be guaranteed a professional operation and stable support. It will also leave you and your child much happier. You will continue your counseling sessions for up to eight weeks after the birth to monitor your emotional state. Then, you will be able to go about your life feeling much healthier. Your child will also enter a loving home with people who will love and protect them. If you so wish, you and the new family will be able to remain in contact. If you are worried about your future concerning your pregnancy, adoption may just be the best choice for you.

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