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Exploring Post-Placement Contact Arrangements

By Felix Miyago 

If you are a birth mother contemplating, “I’m seeking adoption for my baby,” we’re here to offer you adoption information provided by our Tulsa adoption agencies. We want to connect with you through our experts and staff at Oklahoma City Adoption. We’d like to help support you through the adoption process and provide guidance. We want to give you all the current information and resources to aid you in making an informed decision.

Adoption can be a lengthy process for both the birth mother and prospective adoptive parents. Ensuring all the paperwork has been filed and after screening and interviewing adoptive parents, there’s a potential match. The next stage is creating an agreement and decision for the child’s future, post-placement contact arrangements.  

Please note the information provided by Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is specifically for general knowledge and understanding. The context given is intended to inform birth mothers and does not constitute legal advice from Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Instead, we highly recommend consulting with a trusted adoption attorney for any specific legal guidance regarding your situation.

What are Post-Placement Contact Arrangements?

For birth mothers, an ongoing concern when considering adoption is the relationship with the child and contact. Giving the baby up for adoption does not mean the connection with the child is gone. Rather, post-placement contact arrangements can offer a solution. Post-placement contact arrangements serve as a way to keep the connection with the birth mother and the child’s adoptive family. The agreement allows ongoing communication between the adoptive family and the birth mother, once the child’s adoption process has been finalized. 

Each post-placement contact arrangement can vary depending on the adoptive family and birth mother. It’s important to remember, that both parties create an agreement and establish boundaries to ensure neither party steps out. 

What are the Options for Post-Placement Contact Arrangements?

There are different options for post-placement contact arrangements that birth mothers and adoptive families can choose from. These options will depend on the agreement both the birth mother and adoptive families made. Post-placement contact arrangements can vary depending on the adoption type, open or private. They can also vary depending on the circumstances of the birth mother or adoptive family. 

Private Adoption Post-Placement Contact Arrangement

In a private adoption, the birth mother or parents place their child into the adoptive family that they have chosen. For example, private adoption in Oklahoma can mean more flexibility in post-placement contact putting a child up for adoption. This means, an adoption agency isn’t required and the contact between the birth mother and adoptive family is mutual. However, a hearing is mandatory by a judge to ensure the adoption process is completed. Both parties have agreed on their terms on what communication is allowed. This could mean both parties deciding whether or not to have any ongoing communication with each other. 

Open Adoption Post-Placement Contact Arrangement

In an open adoption, both the birth mother and adoptive family have the option to interact with each other. This allows both parties to discuss meeting information and create ongoing communication. Open adoption contact arrangement is a written agreement by both families on what the term “open” communication could mean. Depending on the circumstances, the birth mother and adoptive family decide to contact each other through letters, emails, phone calls, text messaging, or in-person visits. 

Additional Information on Post-Placement Contact Arrangement 

Each circumstance is situational and depends on what both the birth mother and adoptive family are comfortable with. For some birth mothers, having no communication is the best option because the situation or context is more complicated. Whereas some adoptive families, give the option for the birth mother to communicate and stay in contact. Staying in contact with the birth mother can, in some cases, improve the child’s well-being.

When both parties communicate based on their own decision, it is best to be mindful of the child. In some cases, the child may not feel comfortable or healed fully from a traumatic event. It’s important to take things slowly and not force any communication for the sake of the child. 

Seeking Information about Adoption Choices of Oklahoma 

If you are a birth mother seeking information about post-placement contact arrangements, we have more information and resources at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. For birth mothers, finding resources and adoption information can be a stressful time. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has more information for birth mothers thinking about putting a child up for adoption and connections with Tulsa adoption agencies

We understand during this time, it can feel overwhelming and uncertain. However, we have experts such as adoption specialists and staff who are up-to-date with current adoption laws in Oklahoma. Our staff has helped many birth mothers connect with adoptive families. 

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