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Facing Domestic Violence & Choosing Adoption in Oklahoma

By Sreevidya Rajesh

In this day and age, domestic abuse accounts for more than 15% of all violent crimes. Unfortunately, dealing with domestic violence for many women has become a norm in their homes. While they struggle with this, it is the last thing they want their unborn baby to endure. That is the reason why many birth mothers seek out adoption in Oklahoma. If you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy in a harmful relationship, then it is safe to know your adoption options. You may feel since the father is violent and abusive, his reactions may be threatening if you choose adoption. You may also feel that by making an adoption plan, you can simply give your child a better home. The decision to give your baby up for adoption may seem difficult, but it will ensure a secure future for your child. 

Know the Risks and Reach Out to the Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma

Domestic violence can cause both mental and physical trauma. Before looking for Oklahoma City adoption, it is better to recognize the risks involved. Ask yourself a few questions to assess the situation. 

  • Are you being physically or emotionally hurt by your partner or spouse?
  • Is your partner or spouse not recognizing the mistake and reducing the abuse?
  • Have you been blamed for things getting out of control?
  • Do you feel threatened and concerned about your and your child’s safety?
  • Has domestic violence increased over time?

If any of these questions have a positive answer, then you are in an unhealthy relationship. You may get injured or may also suffer a miscarriage due to repeated physical abuse. It can impact your baby’s physical or mental growth as you are stressed in order to have a healthy pregnancy, protect yourself, and seek support. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, various options for a safe and healthy pregnancy will be offered to you. 

Get the Help you Need from the Adoption Centers

If you feel any danger or threat from the birth father, then you must report it. You should know that the father has equal rights in the adoption process. If you prove that your relationship is abusive and the father is a threat to the baby, then you have the right to choose adoption. If you consider giving up your baby for adoption at birth, then look for adoption agencies near me. Know about your options and resources offered. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will answer all the questions on the adoption process and will provide the necessary resources. 

Be ready to remove yourself from the abusive relationship at a moment’s notice. Keep the important documents such as your driver’s license, health insurance, social security card, bank information, medical prescriptions, and some cash handy. Seek the help of the adoption agencies in Oklahoma to find a safe and secure place to live. Make sure you pack some items of daily use, such as a few sets of clothes and toiletries. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is one of the reputed adoption agencies in Oklahoma where you have all the resources. Here you will have full protection and confidentiality. The decision to consider adoption for your baby will make you feel more secure about the future. 

Create an Adoption Plan at Oklahoma Adoption Centers

Giving your baby up for adoption is a selfless decision to secure the future and what you want for your baby. At the adoption agencies in Oklahoma, you will get full assistance during the pregnancy and recovery. All the love, care and respect that you deserve will be given. The adoption process will meet all your requirements and your decision will be final. To provide a safe and healthy home for your baby, you can choose from the many profiles of the families. These adoptive families will be carefully screened and trained to take care of the baby and will be monitored. You can meet them, get to know them and choose the right family to adopt your baby. You can also choose to remain in touch through mail or visit the family and interact with your child. This fosters a healthy relationship between you, your child and the adoptive parents. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will guide you at every step of the adoption process. Here you will get all the support you need without the birth father being around. 

Consider your Child’s Future by Choosing Adoption in Oklahoma

By putting your child up for adoption, you are securing the child’s future. If you are pregnant and facing domestic violence, then reach out for help at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Know that it is not your fault, and you have every right to decide the future of your baby. Do not be afraid to seek help. Domestic abuse is a matter of serious concern and considering adoption for your child is a courageous decision.

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