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FAQs about the IVF Process

After struggling with infertility problems for many years, or for any other reason, a couple or an individual may decide to have children through gestational surrogacy in Oklahoma. Before the surrogacy officially begins, the surrogacy agency and the intended parents create embryos through the IVF process.

Regardless of whether you are the gestational carrier or the intended parents, you likely have a lot of questions about gestational surrogacy and IVF. Here are some frequently asked questions about the IVF process.

FAQs About the IVF Process

1) What is IVF?

“IVF” stands for “in vitro fertilization.” Through the IVF process, embryos are created in a laboratory before being placed inside the gestational surrogate. The eggs used for the IVF are either harvested from the intended mother or acquired through an egg donor. The sperm used for the IVF are either collected from the intended father or acquired through a sperm donor. Gestational surrogacy and IVF allow couples and individuals who have struggled with infertility to have biological children.

2) How Successful is IVF?

The success of the IVF process depends on several different factors: the age of the woman providing the egg; the age, weight and reproductive history of the woman carrying the child; and the sperm count of the intended father or donor.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma strives to make the IVF process and the surrogacy process as fulfilling as possible. Before starting the IVF process, we evaluate the gestational surrogate. We select gestational surrogates based on their age, physical health, and reproductive history because we want to increase the likelihood of the IVF being successful. We want to make sure the embryos will implant themselves during the transfer.

3) Is the IVF Process Painful or Difficult?

Collecting eggs from the intended mother is more difficult and time-consuming than collecting sperm from the intended father. The intended mother will have to undergo surgery. Prior to the surgery, the intended mother will have to receive hormone injections. The intended mother will be on medication during the egg-removal process, but she may feel some pain or cramping in the ovaries following the procedure.

The gestational surrogate will also need time to prepare for the transfer. She’ll have to undergo a series of blood tests, and she’ll also have to receive hormone injections.

IVF and Gestational Surrogacy at Our Surrogacy Agency

IVF is what makes gestational surrogacy possible. It is the process that allows intended parents to have biological children when it otherwise would not have been possible. It’s a long process for both the intended parents and the gestational surrogates, but it has lasting results.

If you would like to learn more about gestational surrogacy and the IVF process, don’t be afraid to reach out to us. Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is committed to answering your questions and helping you create your family.

Adoption and Surrogacy Choices of Oklahoma is a surrogacy and adoption agency, licensed by the state of Oklahoma and leader in the community. We assist both intended parents and gestational carriers (surrogates). Our staff members are committed to providing an ethical, empowering, and personalized experience to all involved in the surrogacy process. 

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