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Jadzia Miller

For the past three months, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma had the privilege of having Jadzia Miller as an Editorial Intern. Each week, she brought her creative writing skills to work and developed amazing content. She quickly adapted to our standard of blog writing and didn’t shy away from showing her passion for the adoption community in every word she wrote. During her time with us, Jadzia was able to grow as a writer, expand her knowledge of the adoption world and learn more about the editorial process.

Sadly, Jadzia’s contract has come to an end and she has decided to move onto the next season of her life. Adoption Choices greatly appreciated everything she has done for us. Her smile, positive energy and friendly nature will be missed. Here are her insights into our Editorial Internship, how it impacted her and what her future goals are. We wish her the very best in everything she does!

RR: When did you start as an intern, and what prompted you to apply for the internship?

JM: I started my internship in January of 2020. I love writing a lot and wanted to have the opportunity to write in a different way. I have been writing in an academic setting for a long time, and this opportunity allowed me to get out of that comfort zone. Adoption Choices was also an organization I was interested in, because adoption is something I am very passionate about. As someone who is adopted, I really wanted to learn more about the process.

RR: What knowledge of adoption did you have coming into the internship? How has that changed/not changed?

JM: I knew more about the foster-to-adoption process, because that is what I went through myself. Infant adoption is what Adoption Choices does, and I didn’t know much about that starting out. Now, however, I feel like I know a little more about what that looks like. I liked focusing on the fact that birth mothers are so involved in the process. A lot of my writing was focused on these women, which is actually really special. It’s important to recognize them as well.

RR: Over the past six months, what do you feel you’ve learned through being an intern with Adoption Choices? 

JM: These last few months have been really special. I learned to balance my work. Being a full time student, working part time and doing this internship was hard. While I didn’t always do the best job balancing, I feel like I learned to do it better than I had before.

RR: What was one of the biggest challenges you faced?

JM: The world is slightly in chaos right now with the virus. I think the biggest challenge I faced was balancing all the chaos and taking care of myself. Unfortunately, I wasn’t doing the best job taking care of myself and needed to prioritize that. Saying goodbye to this internship is probably the biggest challenge.

RR: What was a highlight of your experience?

JM: I really loved writing to encourage the birth mothers who would be visiting the site. I think it is so important to encourage them and validate all the emotions that they are facing and going through. I really appreciated doing that. I also really loved the monthly ZOOM meetings with the team and getting to interact with everyone. You have a lot of really talented, special people!

RR: What knowledge / skills that you gained with us do you plan on applying in the future?

JM: Changing my voice in my writing. I feel like I learned how to not be as stiff and academic as I have been for the past four years. That was really exciting! It is a good skill to have and apply to whatever writing projects I may do in the future.

RR: Did the internship provide you with any insights that you hadn’t anticipated?

JM: When thinking about adoption, I usually think about the child or the family trying to adopt a child. I don’t tend to think about the birth mother. But, now I understand just how important she is! Her journey and her role in the whole adoption process! Celebrating these women gave me insight into how we view women and what being a mother means.

RR: Prior to beginning your job, did the company give you adequate information about your project?

JM: Yes!

RR: What would you have liked to know before your internship started?

JM: I think I had a good idea about what the internship would look like coming into it. I don’t think I would have changed any of the information.

RR: Did you accomplish what you wanted during your internship?

JM: I accomplished a lot. I am really sad that I will not be finishing the six months with Adoption Choices, but I am proud of the writing that I did while I had the opportunity.

RR: Would you recommend this internship to a friend? Why or why not?

JM: I would! This is a great way to write and challenge yourself. It also is an organization that genuinely cares about women, families and children. We should all want to be a part of something like this. To have the opportunity to truly care for people.

RR: What advice would you give to help us improve the program in the future?

JM: I can’t think of any improvements.

RR: What was the most helpful thing your supervisor did to make you feel comfortable as an intern?

JM: Rachel was really great at pointing out my strengths, as well as areas I could grow in. That was really encouraging to hear both. When I felt down about my writing, she would point out where I was doing well.

RR: Anything you’d like to ask, say or suggest to your Intern Supervisor?

JM: You are wonderful! Thank you for this opportunity!

RR: What is next for you?

 JM: I have two weeks to finish up my bachelor’s degree. After that, I would love to go back into working at a library.

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