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Have you ever received a gift basket? What was your response when it arrived? How did it make you feel? Gift baskets are very versatile. They can be crafted to fit any occasion, which makes them the perfect gift.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma highly recommends creating or purchasing a gift basket for your child’s birth mother. We have seen great results with this particular choice, and think it’s a great way to bless any birth mother. The following are some types of gift baskets that you may consider making or getting for her.

1. Pregnancy Gift Basket

For adoptive parents and birth parents who agree to an open adoption, they often have the opportunity to meet up after the matching process has concluded. During these visits, you can get to know each other and see in what ways you can help her stay healthy during her pregnancy journey. An excellent way to combine some of her needs is through a pregnancy gift basket.

You can include items such as: a keepsake pregnancy journal, all-natural oils for stretch marks, milestone pregnancy cards, a copy of What to Expect When You’re Expecting and a box of organic pregnancy tea.

2. Hospital Takeaway Gift Basket

When your child’s birth mother leaves the hospital, she will be in need of comfort and time to grieve. Putting together a gift basket for her specifically for this time can be very encouraging and healing. It’s a great way to let her know that she is not alone and that you understand her need to process. Through this simple gesture, she will know that you truly and deeply care for her.

Several helpful items to put in this gift basket include, but are not limited to: a journal, a scented (or unscented, depending) candle, an empty photo album, a framed image taken at the hospital, a gift card to a nail salon or spa, and any other relaxing items that you can think of or that she mentions.

3. Sweet & Savory Gift Basket

Harry and David is a popular choice with this. They offer affordable gift baskets for every occasion. If one of the categories doesn’t exactly fit what you are looking for, you are able to customize everything – including a price to fit your budget. Each selection gives you a detailed description of what the basket will have, brand names and the weight to help with shipping costs.

Harry and David offer a variety of choices to cater to those who may have food allergies. These include: vegan, kosher, gluten-free, organic and sugar-free.

4. Coffee & Tea Gift Basket

Is she a coffee or tea drinker? Does she favor particular brands? No problem. There are gift baskets available for all of the above. Or, you can put one together for her yourself. Find a basket and some ribbon. Then, add in a few bags of Starbucks coffee or Tazo tea. If your child’s birth mother has a specific preference – ground beans or loose leaf – be mindful of that.

For a more personal touch, be sure to tuck in her favorite box of cookies or candy with the coffee or tea mixes. Finish it off with a cute mug, and she has the perfect gift basket to start her mornings.

5. Fruit Gift Basket

Companies like The Fruit Company and Hickory Farms offer an amazing selection when it comes to fruit baskets. Both vouch for their premium fruit selection and gourmet items including, but not limited to: meats, nuts, cheeses, cookies and chocolate. The Fruit Company has gluten-free, kosher and organic options for those who have specific food allergies or preferences. Hickory Farms also provides gluten-free alternatives. Each company has varying price ranges to meet all kinds of budgets.

6. Holiday Gift Basket

Gift baskets can be sent any time of the year. Is there a holiday coming up – Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Year’s? Even better, Mother’s Day or National Birth Mother’s Day? All of these are wonderful times to send your child’s birth mother a gift basket to tell her that she is valued, and that you’re thinking of her.

Gift Baskets for Birth Mothers

When trying to find the perfect gift basket for your child’s birth mother, remember that it doesn’t have to be expensive. Things that are more sentimental by nature go a long way. Little gestures will still touch her heart and make her feel loved.

If you are unsure of what to include in your gift basket, see what you can glean through conversations with her. Ask about her likes and dislikes. What makes her happy. Are there certain items that bring her comfort or solace? You can use all of this information to put together a wonderful, heartfelt surprise for her.

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

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