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Adoptive Family Stories

Our adoptive families describe their experiences with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

Ross and I started our adoption journey in November of 2012. We came to the decision to adopt after many years of infertility and loss. We had actually started with another agency and was not having much luck. We decided to sign up with our lawyer's office to see if we could have more luck being matched.

Within hours of filling in all of the paper work the secretary called us and said, "If you could get me a birthmother letter and some pictures, I have a situation lying in wait through an agency called Adoption Choices of Oklahoma." Within an hour I had everything done and emailed to her! A couple weeks went by and we got the email from our lawyer's agency saying, "The birthmother picked you guys!" Oh if you could have only seen the tears of happiness that day!

They gave us the name of Robin at the agency and said she would be in contact with us shortly. She emailed us shortly after and was so great at explain ing everything in her emails and told us that Leslie would be our case worker. Not long after Leslie contacted us on the phone to talk. Oh how we LOVE Leslie! We set up a time to have a phone conference with our "Tummy Mommy." {“Tummy Mommy” is the name our son’s biological mother decided she wanted us to call her.} A few days later we talked for the first time. Leslie was there the whole time to help make everyone in the situation feel comfortable. We were matched with our "Tummy Mommy" when she was 5 mo nths along.We went down to Oklahoma once a month to hang out with her and her daughter. We eventually got to meet and hang out with our son's birthfather.

On November 22, 2013 our son, Colt was delivered by C-Section. Normally, they only allow one other person in the room during the process but our "Tummy Mommy" wanted her mother and I to both be in there. The doctor allowed that. What a pre cious and intimate thing to experience. They took Colt to see his "Tummy Mommy" first and then placed him in my arms. Leslie, our case worker was there the whole time. We send pictures and letters every month to Colt's "Tummy Mommy" and his birth grandma gets to see him grow up on our social media site. We're ho ping a reunion is in the future for all of us. Throughout the process Adoption Choices of Oklahoma was VERY good at keeping in contact with us. They would call to make sure we were feeling ok, to check before they did anything with the birthmother to make sure it was within our budget, and they always advocated for both sides. Will we adopt again? ABSOLUTELY! There will be no doubt about it that Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is where we'll be going!

Ross and Megan S.

Ours was a unique situation. We had flown in to Oklahoma from Los Angeles and were by our daughter’s birthmother’s bedside when there was a snafu with another agency we had been working with previously. We were told that our daughter may have to go into the foster care system rather than home with us if things weren’t straightened out within 2 days time. Luckily for us, someone referred us to Adoption Choices of Oklahoma and they had a representative at the hospital the very next day. The staff was attentive and knowledgeable. Their hard work ensured that our daughter went home with us. We will forever be grateful to them.

Lisa and John

Our experience with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma (ACO) was unlike anything I could have imagined. We completed our home study with Adoption Ch oices of Colorado (ACC) in mid November. Two weeks later we were contacted by ACC that there was a baby born in Oklahoma and did we want ACO to share our profile wit h the birth mother. We of course said yes!! Two days after that we were told the birth mother chose us to raise our precious baby girl. The rest is history. We drove to Oklahoma and met our ACO Case Worker, who was absolutely phenomenal! It didn’t matter what time it was, if we needed her she was available to us. Our daughter was 5 days old when we met her and she had us from hello. She has been the light of our lives. We spent 2 weeks in Oklahoma going through all of the legal requirements to be able to take her out of Oklahoma and back home to Colorado.

A CO was there each day to answer questions, to update us with the latest information and to make sure that we were ok. They worked diligently to get us home as quickly as possible. T he entire staff at ACO was there for us every step of the way, and still are. Not only did the y have the best interest of the birth mother and the child at heart but we felt like they had our best interest at heart too. They are kind, professional and extremely compassionate. We cannot say enough about them and would recommend them to anyone looking to adopt.

Tammy and Edward G.

We had an excellent experience using Adoption Choices of Oklahoma to build our family. The office staff was efficient, knowledgeable and responsive, and our caseworker had a great rapport both with us and with our birth mom. We were standing outside the door when our daughter was born, and the process could not have been more seamless every step of the way, largely because of the support of Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We never felt like we were alone in the process or had unanswered questions, and we loved seeing how supportive our caseworker was with our birth mom. We would highly recommend this exceptional agency and would use them again in future adoptions. Thank you, Adoption Choices, for making our dream family into a reality.

Jane and Dan

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