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Child Connect

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has partnered with, an online picture and letter contract site that enhances communication between adoptive parents and birth parents. This online tool is easy to use, available 24 hours a day, and provides a safe and secure way to electronically send and receive pictures, videos, documents, and messages with your birth parent. Child Connect will also mail the birth parent 4 x 6 prints and a Lifebook of each update.

This unique system allows you to exchange and add photos and videos to your child’s Lifebook anytime you wish, allows birth parents the ability to see the photos and videos, and gives you visibility into how many times your child's Lifebook was viewed. Additionally, you can upload copies of documents about the adoption in your Child Connect profile, creating a beautiful and detailed account of your child's adoption so you can talk to him or her about it when the time is right.

Once your connection has been set up, your account will be immediately available on the website to start exchanging the required pictures and letters, as well as any videos, documents and/or messages you wish to send.

Our agency is excited about Child Connect and the opportunity it provides you to meet your picture and letter contract, while also providing a history for your child and maintaining a lifelong connection with the birth parents, allowing them to watch the child grow and change.

As we move further into the electronic age, many entities exchange or submit information via email or through other online resources. While we always strive to keep our clients’ information confidential, we don’t always have control over what happens to that information before it reaches us or after it leaves us. You agree that you will hold the agency and its staff harmless from any problem that may develop.

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