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Completing Your Application

The following documents will be needed in order to complete your application with our office. Many of these documents will have already been obtained by your home study professional. You may need to contact them and request that they attach those documents to your home study, or provide you or us with copies. Your home study, medical exam, three letters of reference and background checks must have been completed within one year of your pending adoption. Otherwise, you must also provide our agency with a home study update and updated documents listed above. Please note that Oklahoma law requires that you have a face-to-face meeting for your updated home study, and that your reference letters, medical exam and criminal background checks also be updated at that time.

Feel free to contact our office directly by emailing We are here to help you navigate the adoption process.

Required Documents

  1. Birth certificate(s)
  2. List of household budget/expenses
  3. Divorce Decree from previous marriages (if applicable)
  4. HIV test results; Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C test results
  5. Home Study (and update if applicable) (two copies with original signatures from your home study professional)
  6. Income tax returns for last three years for both Adoptive Parents (first page only)
  7. Verification of income (letter from employer) and current employment history (where and for how long)
  8. Copy of Indian Heritage enrollment card (if applicable)
  9. Marriage license
  10. Verification of medical insurance under which child will be covered
  11. Military discharge papers (if applicable)
  12. Updated physician’s report ( you and any child in the home)
  13. Three reference letters, with phone numbers for purposes of verifying (for example, minister, employer, friend)
  14. Copy of social security cards
  15. State Bureau of Investigation report; fingerprint check, Sex Offender and Child Abuse Registry, where available
  16. Profile book (five hard copies and one electronic copy to be uploaded to the website).
  17. Medical and social history of adoptive parents.

Grow Your Family Through Adoption

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