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How Adoption Can Bring a Fresh Start to the New Year

By Veronica Wiley

The new year brings a time of universal resolution, even in countries where their new year is on a different date. People reflect on the year that passed and create goals for the coming year. The new year represents a time of opportunity. A time to nurture passions and cultivate a purpose-filled future. For birth mothers, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma wants you to know this time is special. We’re a private adoption agency involved in operating in Oklahoma City adoption and as one of the Tulsa adoption agencies. We have many resources to support the adoption triad. As a birth mother, adoption is a time to cultivate a new path for self-discovery, acceptance, and healing.

Adoption Can Create a Space for Personal Growth

For birth mothers in adoption, you have a unique opportunity to set personal goals. Putting a child up for adoption can cause you to ask many questions. However, knowing your child is safe and loved by their adoptive family, you are free to set new goals. Through the new year, you can try exploring new interests. These can be things you wanted to try but haven’t had time for or even interests you haven’t delved into recently. Other areas of interest may include personal growth. Here are some ideas birth mothers consider:

  • Taking a college course
  • Learning a new skill
  • Learning a new language
  • Starting a blog
  • Resuming a hobby

Building a fulfilling life is important, especially after completing the adoption process. After adoption, you will be able to do this alongside the joy of knowing your child is thriving. In their supportive home, your child will also be embarking on a new journey filled with nourishment. As you seek your own goals, your child will grow and be setting their own, too. 

The new year is also a great time to start a self-care routine. Often, in the hustle of growing a baby, birth mothers lose track of self-care. With the new year ahead and setting goals in mind, try setting a goal to make time for self-care. Your well-being is crucial on this journey, and a warm bath or relaxation may be just what you need.

Embrace Support for Birth Mothers in Adoption 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma provides you with an adoption counselor who can guide you to many supportive resources. Among these resources are support groups of other birth mothers. Connecting with other birth mothers and supportive communities can help you in the healing process and self-acceptance.

A great way to contribute to the well-being of the adoption triad is to include open adoption in your adoption plan. Taking advantage of open adoption can contribute to your well-being, that of the child, and that of the adoptive family. Staying connected, if you desire, to the adoptive family will keep you up to date on the child’s welfare. Open adoption can also help include you in each of the life milestones the child reaches. Many birth mothers who choose open adoption also set up meetings with the adoptive family. This helps the birth mother and the child feel a part of each other’s lives, and the adoptive family feels supported.

Adoption Leading to Peace for the Adoption Triad

Even if you don’t choose open adoption, the journey can be a positive experience for all members of the triad. Adoption is a journey full of hope and new beginnings, just like the new year. A birth mother starts a new chapter in her life full of opportunity. The adoptive family welcomes a new child. A child enters life supported with a bright future.

Through the child adoption process, we strive to support each member of the triad. Birth mothers have access to many resources, such as adoption counselors, support groups, and financial assistance. We also offer support to our adoptive families. Prospective adoptive families have access to classes that teach them how to support the child during the transition. They enter the adoption with knowledge about what to expect and how to help the child adjust. The adopted child enters this new journey fully supported by the birth mother and then their adoptive parents. Adoptions are full of hope, and there is much to celebrate as we arrive in the new year.

 Adoption in Oklahoma

The path forward into the new year is brimming with possibilities for all members of the adoption triad. Let this year mark the moment you write a new chapter in your life story. We hope to hear about your successes and triumphs as a birth mother experiencing an unplanned pregnancy choosing adoption. If you’re a mother considering adoption, we hope you’ll contact us with any questions you may have.

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