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How Far Along Do I Need to Be to Choose Adoption?

By Kate Armentor

If you, as a new mother, are thinking about giving your baby up for adoption, you are probably wondering about the limits of intake you are allowed. At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we offer intakes to women at any stage in pregnancy and even those who have already given birth. We believe no woman should have to deal with the difficult decision of letting a child go alone. We also go our way to make you feel safe and secure throughout the adoption process. So, we at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will help you in any way we can to ensure that you and your baby have a safe future. 

Circumstances For Pregnancy

One thing to remember is that the adoption agencies in Oklahoma are willing to accept any birth parents suffering from any illness or addiction. We understand that your decision may come from a place of fear or depression, and we are here to support you no matter what. We also accept teenage mothers or mothers who have no contact with the father. The choice of including the birth father is entirely up to you. Our goal is to put the least pressure on birth mothers, so we will do everything in our power to help you. We provide a completely judgment-free zone and are open to anyone who reaches out. 

What Adoption Choices Provides

Going into Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, you first need to know that everything is on us. We come to you wherever you are, providing any needed transportation in Oklahoma. We provide counseling during and after pregnancy and counselors to help find new adoptive parents. We offer endless choices, allow you to meet and observe each family, and we still leave the decision entirely up to you. We keep watch over your health and provide any extra nutrition to keep your child healthy. Courtroom cases are all on us as well. We will support you whenever and however we can, so do not be afraid to reach out. 

What to Do if Baby is Here

If your child has already come into the world, then you do not need to worry. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma in Oklahoma offers last-minute adoptions to any mothers. Whether you are fresh out of the hospital or your baby is a full infant, we will accept you. All you have to do is give us a call. We offer care for your new child as well as adoption plans for new parents. You have the option to interview said parents or have a completely closed adoption plan. The entire way through, we will provide for your needs just as any other birth mother. There should be no reason for you to feel left out if you believe adoption is the better option. 

What We Provide For Pregnant Women

Adoption agencies in Oklahoma offer service to any pregnant woman at any stage of her pregnancy. We take care of communication and transportation to make everything easier for you. We also handle any finances in order to take the stress off of you. We provide vitamins and nutrients so that she can have a healthy baby. We also offer counseling before, during, and after the pregnancy. If you are worried about choosing the right parents, we’ve got you covered. We offer open or closed adoptions, along with meeting with adoptive parents. Finally, we cover any business in the courtroom.

We are with you from the moment you become part of the adoption family to when you sign your final declaration. Afterward, your birth parent counselor will spend up to eight weeks with you in order to ensure that you are alright. At our Oklahoma City adoption agency, we wish to make you feel comfortable with making this decision to give up your child. Money and stress-wise, everything is covered by us. 

Benefits of Choosing Adoption

For any new birth mother, many questions will be swimming in your head. One of them should never be, ‘Am I too early to choose adoption?’. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma are motivated to help you through the entire process of giving up your child. Nothing should stand in your way of providing your child a healthy life. We will have your back throughout the entire process, and we will never turn you away. If you genuinely believe giving your baby up for adoption is the best thing to do, we are here for you.

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