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I Already Have Kids: Can I Give a Baby Up for Adoption?

By Miranda Frank

An unwanted pregnancy can happen at many different stages of life. It is possible that you might be pregnant and considering giving the baby up for adoption, even if you already have other kids of your own. You may have questions about this situation, which might not seem typical to you. The first question in your mind may be, “Can I put my baby up for adoption if I already have kids?” and the answer is yes! Though adoption might be more closely associated with young single mothers, they are not alone. Women of all ages, in all phases of life, can face pregnancy and choose adoption.

Your motivations behind putting up a child for adoption are your own. We at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understand this, and we want to support you through your pregnancy and the adoption process. We are a private adoption agency in Oklahoma who have been committed to supporting pregnant women and adoptive families for over twenty-five years. Our team is committed to ensuring that you feel prepared for every step of the adoption process

What Would Choosing Adoption Mean for My Family?

If you already have kids, you may wonder how this choice might affect them or other members of your family or support system. You might question how this choice might impact your family dynamics. It’s natural to wonder about the potential effects on your family. Rest assured that Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to address your concerns and guide you through this process. Our experienced team will provide comprehensive support and resources to help you navigate these complex dynamics and ensure that your entire family’s well-being and happiness are considered. You may choose to have open and honest conversations with the people around you to explain your choice. If your children are at an age where they will be curious or have questions, consider what you want to tell them. Ultimately, the decision is yours, and you have control over who you inform and what you disclose. 

What if People in My Life Disagree with this Decision of Adoption?

When making a decision as personal as adoption, it is not uncommon for others in your life to hold differing opinions. It’s crucial to remember that, ultimately, the choice is yours to make. While it can be challenging to navigate through differing perspectives, it is possible to address and communicate with those who may disagree with your decision.

First and foremost, it’s essential to prioritize your own well-being. Surround yourself with individuals who are understanding, supportive, and respectful of your choices. Seek out individuals who can offer empathy and a non-judgmental ear. Remember, you have the right to set boundaries and limit discussions about your decision if it becomes emotionally taxing or unproductive.

When facing disagreements, open and honest communication can be helpful. Choose to have conversations with those you trust and feel comfortable sharing your decision with. Explain your reasons for choosing adoption, emphasizing that you have carefully considered what is best for both yourself and your child. Share your hopes and aspirations for your child’s future and reassure others that adoption is a loving choice that provides opportunities for growth and happiness.

It’s important to recognize that not everyone may understand or agree with your decision, and that’s okay. Stay strong in your conviction and seek support from adoption professionals, support groups, or counseling services if needed. Remember that the choice to share your decision and the details surrounding it is entirely up to you. You have the autonomy to determine who you inform and what you may say. 

Is it Too Late to Place My Baby Up for Adoption?

This decision can be complicated. It may be something that you have considered for quite some time. Wherever you may be in your pregnancy, we still encourage you to get in touch with us. Our team will discuss your circumstances and what you want to carefully develop your own personal adoption plan. Consider us if you are looking into adoption and seeking out adoption agencies near you. We can be an incredibly helpful resource for the support and information you may need during this time. No matter your situation, we encourage you to contact our Adoption Choices of Oklahoma team. Whether you’re in the early stages or near the end of your pregnancy, we provide the support, resources, and information you need to make the best decision for you and your child.

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