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Step by Step Process for Birth Parents

How does adoption actually work?

Considering adoption is something many people never thought could happen to them. You may wonder “why me?” and “why now?” and “how does adoption work?” Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is here to help. We want to help you understand your options and sort out your feelings in a judgement free environment.

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Adoption Choices of Oklahoma provides as much education and information about adoption as possible. Our goal is to help you make the best decision for your child and for you. We understand that you have questions, worries, fears, and concerns. We are here to support you as you consider adoption and whether you decide parenting or adoption is best for you and your child.

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we offer face-to-face support. We have counselors in Tulsa and Oklahoma City and travel to all parts of the state. We will come to you. We offer information about the adoption process, pregnancy counseling, legal advice, and continued birth parent support groups following placement.

Should you choose to create an adoption plan for your baby, the following steps will happen.

Step 1: You will be assigned a Birth Parent Counselor
She will schedule a face-to-face intake appointment with you. Your Birth Parent Counselor will come to you. This allows her to get to know you and for you to get to know her. During the intake appointment, you let us know the type of family you are looking for, if you have or need a doctor, what financial assistance you need, you medical background, and you can ask as many questions as you want.

The birth father is welcome to attend this appointment if you would like. He can be as involved as you and he would like.

Step 2: After the intake, we will begin looking for an adoptive family
Your Birth Parent Counselor will set up a time to meet with you so that you can view each family’s profile. If you do not like any of these families, please let your Birth Parent Counselor know, and we will present you with additional profiles.

Once you are successfully matched with a family, your Birth Parent Counselor will assist you in speaking with the family on a conference call and then meeting with the family face-to-face. Your personal Birth Parent Counselor will be there to support you during this time.

Step 3: Your Birth Parent Counselor will continue to support you
She will speak with you about your hospital plan, take you to doctor appointments, and provide transportation for any other pregnancy related needs. Once your expenses are approved by a judge, your Birth Parent Counselor will pay your bills and provide you with gift cards for any other needs (clothes, sundries, transportation, etc.).

Your Birth Parent Counselor will be present during the birth and is there to advocate for you. During this time, you can spend time with the baby and see the adoptive family. After you discharge from the hospital, your Birth Parent Counselor will take you to court where you will relinquish your parental rights. You can still see the baby and the adoptive family. Your Birth Parent Counselor will continue to support you and help you.

Step 4: Your Birth Parent Counselor will continue to help you for up to eight weeks following your delivery
You can also access counseling for up to six months following delivery. You can also attend the monthly Birth Mother Support Groups at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma’s office.

We want to see you be successful and are here to help you. The relationship you have developed with the adoptive family grows from here, and you are able to receive pictures, updates, and other contact as you specified in Step 1. We will continue to offer you resources to help you succeed.

As we move further into the electronic age, many entities exchange or submit information via email or through other online resources. While we always strive to keep our clients’ information confidential, we don’t always have control over what happens to that information before it reaches us or after it leaves us. You agree that you will hold the agency and its staff harmless from any problem that may develop.

Considering Adoption? We're Here For You.

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