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Is Adoption an Option When Pregnant and in a Bad Relationship?

By Sreevidya Rajesh

Pregnancy is a phase of your life that may be filled with happiness and excitement. You might always want to surround yourself with positive people and a nurturing environment. The pregnancy journey should be filled with happy moments and keep you healthy and safe. For this, both you and the birth father should have a solid relationship. During the course of time, lots of things change for one reason or the other. Many relationships can turn sour and you may find that you are stuck in a bad relationship. Your partner can be abusive either physically or verbally, and you may be obligated to come out of the relationship.

This sort of situation can be completely out of your control, and it is not safe to raise a child. There is a possibility that it may cause harm to you and to your future child. At this point, you can find that adoption might be the right choice for you. There are many adoption agencies in Oklahoma that can help you out of this situation. One such adoption agency is Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

Consider the Adoption Agencies in Oklahoma as an Option

A bad relationship with the birth father may affect the child. Taking into account a non-conducive environment for child growth, it is best to consider adoption. A child needs a positive and loving atmosphere to thrive in. If you are in an abusive relationship with your partner and experiencing an unplanned pregnancy, you can consider adoption as an option. One of the first steps you can take is to reach out to Oklahoma City adoption. You can also look up adoption agencies near me and choose to give up baby for adoption at birth. The adoption agency will ensure your child gets adopted into an adoptive family of your choice. 

Do you Need the Birth Father’s Consent to Pursue Adoption in Oklahoma?

The birth father has a right to agree or disagree during the adoption process. Since you are pursuing adoption because of a bad relationship, you can take the legal route.  You can work with your adoption agency and seek the best legal advice. If you can prove that your relationship is abusive, then Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will provide legal assistance to you. As the birth mother, you will have the first priority to choose what is best for you and your baby. If you feel you cannot parent the child being in a bad relationship, you have the right to consider adoption. By choosing to put your child up for adoption, you are giving a loving home where your child can grow. 

Resources provided by the Adoption agencies 

If you decide to give your baby up for adoption, there are many resources that can help you. Pregnancy is a difficult period for various reasons. You will need help with medical care, rent, food, phone, and utilities. You can tailor the adoption plan to your needs. Having a baby while being in a toxic relationship can be very hard. You may lack the necessary emotional support. The adoption process may be sensitive to your situation and will take care of your and the baby’s wellbeing.  Adoption Choices of Oklahoma offers professional counseling and emotional support groups. It is most important to have the right frame of mind while deciding the future of your baby. These resources are extremely beneficial and free of cost. 

The adoption process at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will be smooth and will best suit your requirements. You can choose the type of adoption that works for you. If you look up adoption for my baby, you will come across two options  – open adoption or closed adoption. Open adoption is advantageous as it allows you to be in contact even after giving up the baby for adoption at birth. The adoptive families will be screened before presenting you with options. You will feel safe and supported at every stage of the adoption plan. 

Your Decision Matters Most During the Adoption Process in Oklahoma

The last thing you want in a bad relationship with your partner is pregnancy. You definitely do not want your baby to grow up in an unstable household. The decisions you make will be a top priority at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. You deserve the best support and care during childbirth. You may also need professional help regarding financial situations and legal matters. Considering professional counseling and being a part of emotional support groups will help you navigate through tough phases of your life. If you are a woman seeking adoption due to a bad relationship, then adoption is the right choice.

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