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Is Choosing Adoption Selfish?

By Julian Burgos

During your adoption journey, you might encounter those who claim that you choosing adoption for your child is selfish. There are many reasons for why adoption is actually the complete opposite and is indeed a selfless act from the birth mother. Adoption is a brave and courageous act on behalf of the birth mother. It takes tremendous strength to accept that your child will have better opportunities in a home that isn’t yours. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a licensed adoption agency that is happy to provide help to any birth mother seeking adoption.

A Selfless Act of Love: The Benefits of Choosing Adoption

Many individuals want to be parents. However, it takes great courage to place your baby up for adoption and have it be with another family. Adoption can lead to a world of new and wonderful experiences for a child that all starts with a birth mother’s sacrifice. Some benefits of choosing adoption are: 

  • A stable home- Deciding that adoption is right for you can lead to your baby being in a more stable home. We have many families that have the capabilities and financial resources to raise a child. This means that your baby will grow up in a loving home that will help to expand their goals and individuality. 
  • A relationship with the adoptive family- Adoption doesn’t mean that you have to completely cut ties with your baby. One of the benefits that Adoption Choices of Oklahoma provides is allowing you to maintain a relationship with your child. This can be beneficial for everyone involved in the adoption process, especially your child. Maintaining a relationship can ensure that they don’t suffer from identity issues as they grow older. 
  • Peace of mind for you as the birth mother- Adoption can give you emotional stability by knowing that your baby is safe with a loving family. You won’t have to wonder or worry about where they might be or if they’re safe. Our agency can provide you with frequent updates on their home situation and their progression with their new family.

Reasons for Choosing Adoption

Birth mothers choose adoption for many different reasons. These reasons may include:

  • A stable home- Some birth mothers want their child to be in a stable home that is more equipped to handle their needs. 
  • Not ready to be a parent- Other birth mothers simply feel that they are simply not ready for parenthood. 
  • Finances- There are younger birth mothers who don’t have the necessary finances to be a parent. They might not have financial support from their family and friends and simply not be able to afford a child.  
  • Long-term goals and dreams- There are also young birth mothers who have bigger long-term goals in their life and a pregnancy would disrupt that. They might want to go to college or save their money to travel and experience life outside of motherhood. 

When it comes down to the reasons for choosing adoption, it mainly comes down to a child’s well-being. Choosing your baby’s well-being over your own desires for parenthood is a common theme for many birth mothers. 

True Accounts from Our Birth Parents

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma has had the privilege of providing unplanned pregnancy help to many birth parents throughout the years. For more than fifty years since our inception, our specialists have positively influenced the lives of birth parents who were confused about the next step. 

One of our birth mothers, Michelle, was anxious about her unexpected pregnancy and was wondering what her options would be. She ultimately decided that adoption would be her best path going forward since she didn’t want to terminate the pregnancy. Her counselor at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma was with her every step of her adoption process. Our specialists are trained to help support and prepare you for your adoption journey. 

Choose Adoption with Adoption Choices of Oklahoma! 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we believe that adoption shouldn’t be something to feel ashamed about but rather embraced in our society. The myth that giving a baby up for adoption is a selfish act is something that our agency is strongly against. Our wish is to dismantle this idea in favor of a more accepting society for birth parents. Many families are positively affected by the sacrifice that thousands of birth mothers make for their children. 

Adoption is not a selfish act. Birth mothers choose the path of adoption for many valid reasons. For many, it’s about giving their children a better life. We hope that if you are considering adoption for your baby that you choose Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. Our agency has been one of the most trusted and highly rated adoption agencies in Oklahoma and many other states for decades. Our team of adoption specialists can answer any questions or concerns you may have about adoption for your child. 

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