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Life After the Adoption Process

By Mohammed Ahmad

Navigating your journey post-adoption may sound like a challenging process. There is a cocktail of emotions that a birth mother may endure during and post-adoption. You will be filled with complex emotions that may cause you to second-guess your decision. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is an agency intended to help you during and post-adoption. Our agency provides a series of resources for birth mothers during and after the adoption process. 

It is essential to prepare yourself before the adoption process. You want to ensure that you’ve taken the time to understand and learn about what is to come. Once you are emotionally prepared, the outcome won’t come as a surprise. 

An important aspect of the adoption process is helping the birth mother post-adoption. Helping you understand your decision to be able to move on in your life. You have dreams and aspirations like everyone else. You still have the capability of creating a future family. Going through the adoption process is not a final goodbye to the possibility of a family in your future. You are just as deserving as any other parent. 

You are still a mother. Regardless of whether or not you go through with an open or closed adoption, you still have that title. Choosing a better future for your child, a safe environment, and stability proves you’re even more of a mother.

You may have fears of potential loneliness or the inability to move on. Fears of your child resenting you or for you feeling guilty for the satisfaction of the adoption. We are our most prominent critics. The toxicity of the media that has portrayed birth mothers as inherently bad mothers doesn’t help either. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma knows how much of a fantastic mother you are. 

A Guide to Navigating Life Post-Adoption 

You may want to reach out to someone, specifically a professional, when going through child adoption. Counselors and therapists are at your service throughout different Tulsa adoption agencies. Speaking to a professional may help you navigate your life more efficiently. You will be presented with a series of efficient steps to take and implement the most effective ones for your life. 

Your life does not end after child adoption. You still have so much ahead of you. We know that you have dreams and aspirations that still flood your mind. As a birth mother, you have every right to follow them. If you are able to, surround yourself with your loved ones at this time. Reaching out to your family and close friends may help you along this journey. You can plan dates and meetups or fun vacations that can help you find happiness and fullness in your life again.

We know you love your child. It doesn’t matter if you had an unplanned pregnancy; you are still putting your child above everything. It is prominent and apparent through the adoption plan that you will help us conduct. Placing your baby for adoption does not mean you love them any less or that you are unfit for motherhood. It showcases your commitment to a healthy and stable life for your baby. 

It is not selfish to put yourself first post-adoption. This means taking those necessary steps to put you on the right track toward a full and prosperous life. You will be dedicating your time to committing to your goals and dreams that have been hindered. Visiting those countries you’ve always wanted to visit. Trying out different hobbies. You owe it to yourself after an extremely emotionally heightened experience.

Resources are Available to  You at Every Adoption Agency

Use the resources that are available to you. Here at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we want to ensure that you are safe and comfortable. Your mental health is important to us. There are many different national counseling programs that are available to you. This is a great way for you to express your emotions and let out any doubts or troubling thoughts. 

Oklahoma City adoption ensures all birth mothers a quality life after the adoption process. This means that you will be taken care of and you will have your needs met even after the adoption. Take the time to understand what you want and what you feel is the best source of help. The support systems are available to you, and you are surrounded by love. 

A lot of this may be easier said than done. We want to emphasize that life after adoption is a journey. You are still capable of so much and you will move on in your life. Most of all, you will still forever be a prominent figure in your child’s life. Whether the family chooses an open or closed adoption, you will still have a history with your baby that will never be forgotten. 

When putting a child up for adoption, we tend to wallow in our doubts and feelings. As mentioned previously, it is who we are as humans. We have so much love to give and you still do too. 

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