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Misconceptions About Adoption in OK

By David Seamonson
Adoption is interesting to think about, but there are many things that are missed in the process. Many people do not know what it really is, and so they create this perception of what it is. On this basis, it is when a birth mother gives the child up for adoption, and another family will raise the child like it is their own. We will go over a few of the misconceptions about adoption and why they relate to Oklahoma adoption.

There is only one kind of adoption

In reality, the adopting families can choose multiple types of adoptions with different options. Both the birth mother and the adopting family make their decisions on these choices in advance. There are private adoptions, foster care adoptions, and public adoptions. In addition, adoption agencies operate in private adoptions where they act as a third party to connect a child from a birth mother to an adopting family. Within the private adoption field, there are three options as well.
  1. In an open adoption, the birth mother’s future contact with the child is possible, but the two parties explicitly agreed upon it in advance.
  2. Semi-open adoption is where the birth mother has no contact with the child but can still see the child grow up. The adoptive family would provide pictures and videos of the child.
  3. Closed adoptions are when the birth mother would not have contact with the child in any circumstances. They would not have any further connection with their child.

The adopted child won’t love me

Even though the birth mother has a biological connection to the child, the baby will grow to see you as their parents. The time, care, and love that the adopting family provides are more than any biological connection can have with a child. You are the child’s parents, not their second parents.

The adopting family will be a heterosexual couple

The typical adopting family may be a heterosexual couple, but it is not always the case. In Oklahoma adoption, it is possible for an adopting parent to be LGBTQ+, a single father, or even a single mother. Each of these people that want to adopt wants to provide a caring and supporting family for a child. They are able to love a child just as much as any other person. Sexuality does not determine how a person can love and care for a child. Parents come from different backgrounds, but they all have their own ability to love a child.

The adopting family won’t be able to care for the child

Of course, they can care for the child. Adoption organizations ensure this, and the birth mother makes the final decision. An adoption agency like Adoption Choices of Oklahoma conducts household research. Household research is when adoption agencies ask the adopting family to provide income information, house size, and basic household knowledge to determine if they take care of a child. After they complete the household research, the adoption agency will determine if they are fit to adopt a child. These families are then provided for the birth mother so that she can select among the possible parents. There is no identifying information about the family, so the birth mother cannot find the adoptive parents, and it eliminates bias from her selection.

The birth mother has no control in the adoption process

This is far from the truth. The birth mother runs the process from start to end. She determines the type of adoption she is comfortable with, and the adoption agency will follow her wishes in the process. The adoption agency provides adoption specialists to help the birth mother through the adoption process and does not force anything to happen. They are only there to mediate the process and make sure that each side is happy with the adoption plan.

The Misconceptions of Adoption

Adoption is not widely talked about unless you are in a time of crisis and you are facing an unplanned pregnancy. The goal of the adoption agencies and adopting families is to provide help and a safe option for your child. To do this, they are carefully looked at by adoption specialists and given many options for how to conduct the adoption. An adoption is a great option in times of crisis, and adoption agencies in Oklahoma are here to help support you through this process. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is a private adoption agency licensed by the state of Oklahoma and a leader in the adoption community. We have been assisting birth parents, children, and adoptive families in Oklahoma for over 19 years. If you are currently in the process of adopting a baby and have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us. Toll-free: 800-898-6028 | OKC Local: 405-755-1999 | Tulsa Local: 918-447-7777 | Text: 405-201-6643 | Email

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