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Misconceptions About Adoption in Oklahoma

There are many misconceptions about adoption in Oklahoma, one of the biggest being that a lot of birth mothers who are giving up a baby for adoption are teenagers. Not all pregnancies are planned and sometimes accidents happen, it does not just happen to teenagers. Giving up your baby for adoption does not mean that the baby will be put in a group home or that you are giving up on your baby. Adoption is not a bad thing. Adoption provides many children with a safe, loving home.

There are many kinds of adoption such as private infant adoption, independent adoption, and state adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands what pregnant women are going through and are here to help. We can answer any questions you may have about the adoption process and guide you through a private infant adoption. The following paragraphs will explain more about misconceptions about adoption, misconceptions about the adoption process, and information about Adoption Choices of Oklahoma.

Misconceptions About Adoption

One of the biggest misconceptions, stemmed by television shows and movies, is that more and more teenagers are getting pregnant. According to the CDC teen pregnancy has been declining by at least ten percent every two years since 2000. In 2008, more than half of the pregnancies were unintended, and most of the unintended pregnancies were among women aged 18 to 24. These women are considered young adults, or young women, by 18 they have graduated from high school.

 Another misconception about adoption is that there is only one way to place your baby for adoption. There are many kinds of adoptions such as private adoption in Oklahoma. Your child does not need to be put in a foster home or go through child protective services. With Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we can help you create an adoption plan

Next, if a baby is put up for adoption, it is not because the birth parents do not want the baby. The birth parents want the baby to go to a safe, loving home, where the baby will have their best chance at life. Later in life, when the child finds out they are adopted, they may feel like their birth parents gave them up for adoption because they did not love the child. This is a common misconception, birth parents always love their children. Circumstances may prevent them from giving their child the best life that they can have.

A few more misconceptions about adoption include:

  •   All adoptees spend time in a foster home or orphanage. Through Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, your baby is placed with a family.
  •   Adoptions are too expensive. Adoption is always free for the birth parents. The adoption process does not have to be expensive for adoptive families. We have Tomorrow’s Hope Fund and other financial ways to help.
  •   The child won’t fit in with the family.  Everyone has growing pains, but if the child is loved, then there will not be any problems.

Misconceptions About the Adoption Process

  • Adoption is a quick, easy way to have a child. The adoption process is a difficult, lengthy process which is why we recommend you talk to our licensed staff throughout the process.
  • Another misconception is that adoption agencies and professionals make a profit from placing children with a home. There may be some fees involved in the process, but any compensation we receive goes toward the cost of our services.
  • It is a common misconception that only married couples are able to adopt, but adoption is open to all kinds of individuals. Including same sex partners and unmarried individuals. Our organization is also unbiased toward the LGBTQ+ community and religion.

Adoption in Oklahoma

The organization, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, is here to help with any of your adoption or surrogacy needs. We have resources available, such as licensed therapists, tips on how you can take care of yourself while you are pregnant, and more. You can find all our locations on our website and find an adoption agency near you.

On our website, you can read more about our organization and meet some of our staff, as well as find toll-free phone numbers that you can call or text. We want to make sure you are taken care of while you go through this process. There are many misconceptions about adoption, but in the end, everything will be okay. You, as the birth mother, will be taken care of and the baby or child will be in a safe, loving home. If you have any more concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma

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