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Misconceptions about Oklahoma Birth Mothers

By Nicholas Rodinos

Many people have unfortunate ideas about why birth mothers place their children for adoption. These misconceptions about adoption often come from a place of ignorance about the adoption process. These people don’t understand that most birth mothers are trying to give their children a better life through adoption. Adoption Choices of Oklahoma will dispel these ideas and provide you with the facts on the Oklahoma adoption process.

These Are Misconceptions

It’s important to mention that these misconceptions are stereotypes and false ideas that come from ignorance. This ignorance comes from a lack of understanding of the Oklahoma adoption process and the hardships birth mothers face. If you want to know more about adoption in Oklahoma ask your local adoption agency. This article will be dedicated to debunking these ideas with information from Oklahoma adoption experts.

Only Selfish Birth Mothers Choose Adoption

Many birth mothers choose adoption because they lack the resources to care for their children. Birth mothers seek out Oklahoma adoption agencies so that they can find qualified adoptive parents to raise their children. These birth mothers understand that raising a child requires resources, so they sacrifice their happiness for their children’s safety. Choosing adoption for your baby is a selfless decision that prioritizes their needs and grants them a new life.

Most Birth Mothers Who Choose Adoption Are Teenagers

Many birth mothers seeking out Tulsa adoption agencies are adults who are not prepared to raise a child. Some adult birth mothers seek out adoption in Oklahoma due to unplanned pregnancies. Many adult birth mothers are at a point in their lives where they can’t focus on their children’s needs. Birth mothers who put their babies up for adoption are giving them adoptive parents who are ready for children.

Birth Mothers Never See Their Children After the Adoption

Thanks to the adoption plan they chose, many birth mothers see their children again, often on a regular basis. Birth mothers often choose open adoption or semi-open adoption plans as these grant the most contact with their children. Open adoptions have the birth mother and the adoptive parents swap contact information and agree on meeting times. Semi-open adoptions grant less contact for birth mothers; however, this plan provides more privacy.

Birth Mothers Have No Say in the Adoption Process

The adoption process is designed so that birth mothers have as much say in the process as they need. Oklahoma adoption allows you to choose your adoption plan and how much contact you have with your child. Our adoption agencies in Oklahoma can provide you with all the financial support you need. You can select and interview the adoptive parents you believe are right for your baby. 

Birth Mothers Will Regret Their Adoption Decision

It can be hard choosing adoption for your baby. However, it helps to know that you’re giving them a home with loving adoptive parents. Oklahoma adoption agencies offer the assurance that you’re making a compassionate decision that ensures your baby’s needs are being met. Placing your baby for adoption is a noble decision requiring tremendous selflessness, courage, and wisdom. You will eventually realize that you gave your child a home with great parents that you chose for them. 

Birth Mothers Will Be Alone Through the Adoption Process

Birth mothers have the support of the staff of the adoption center they choose throughout the adoption process. Tulsa adoption agencies are staffed with professionals who will comfort and support you through every step of the adoption. These professionals will explain every part of the adoption process so that you understand how the process works. The adoption staff will listen to your needs and provide you with advice and solutions to your problems.

Birth Mothers Are Taking the Easy Way Out via Adoption

Adoption is an emotionally complex process; you’re giving your baby up for adoption so they’ll have a better life. Birth mothers provide their children with loving adoptive parents at the expense of their maternal joy. Putting your baby up for adoption is knowing that other loving parents are better prepared to raise your baby. Many adoption agencies in Oklahoma provide psychological counseling because of the grief birth mothers face after the adoption.

Birth Mothers Don’t Need Support After the Adoption

After the adoption, birth mothers may need financial and psychological support so they can move forward with their lives. Oklahoma adoption agencies can provide financial support, prenatal care, housing, and rent until one month after the baby’s birth. Birth mothers often need psychological counseling to help them cope with the complex feelings of grief and pain. Adoption agencies will provide you with counselors who will help you healthily express and cope with your grief.

Understanding the Adoption Process 

Many birth mothers do love their children, but many lack the resources to meet their children’s needs. Birth mothers can and do see their children again, and they enjoy learning about their children’s lives and interests. Oklahoma adoption agencies can support you throughout the adoption process, so you can focus on the adoption process. Your adoption center will provide you with adoption counseling so that you can healthily cope with your post-adoption grief.

If you are seeking adoption resources, please contact Adoption Choices of Oklahoma today. We are a private adoption agency dedicated to providing adoption services designed to meet your specific needs. We can provide last-minute adoptions for babies, especially if you are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy. We’ll help you put your baby up for adoption after delivery and help you find a home for them.

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