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On your gestational journey, there are lots of firsts – your baby’s first ultrasound, your first time hearing your baby’s heartbeat and your first Mother’s Day. While many women choose to wait until their bundle of joy has arrived to celebrate Mother’s Day, there is nothing wrong with wanting to celebrate yourself  as well as the life growing inside your gestational carrier.

If you find yourself needing some emotional support during your first Mother’s Day, reach out to us at Adoption Choices of Oklahoma. We are here with you every step of the way. If you are wondering how you can celebrate Mother’s Day during your gestational journey, check out some of these unique ideas.

Celebrate over a Meal

If you have a good relationship/friendship with your gestational carrier, get together for a meal. Celebrate this journey because, without each other, this wouldn’t be happening. Just having a chance to relax and share fun conversation during this busy time can bring you closer.

Treat Yourself

The journey to motherhood has its ups and downs. Whether you are a first-time mom or you are already parenting other children, with your baby’s due date approaching, you are running out of time to take care of yourself. So be sure to pamper yourself pre-delivery. Get a massage or have your hair done. Take a nap. Or, grab a good book and cozy up on the couch. Enjoy these little treats while you can. Once the baby comes, it may be challenging to remember when you had your last shower.

Write a Letter

Mother’s Day is a great time to focus on the reality that you will soon be a mother. That you’ll be holding and raising a precious miracle. You will no doubt feel a flood of emotions, and that’s completely natural. Sometimes the best way to get these emotions out is through writing. Write a letter to your little one about what you’re feeling. Tell him or her your concerns, hopes and dreams. Be as detailed as you want. It’ll give you a way to look back on your first Mother’s Day during the gestational journey, and show you how it’ll compare to ones in the coming years.

Mother’s Day during Your Gestational Journey

If you are struggling with emotions during your surrogacy journey, Adoption Choices of Oklahoma is always available to offer guidance and support to you and your gestational carrier. Just remember this: no matter how you are celebrating Mother’s Day during your gestational journey, to the world, you are a mother; but to your family, you are the world. There is no greater gift than being a mother.

As a mother, you will begin to realize that Mother’s Day is really every day. That you have the chance to see all of the blessings you have in every breath your child takes.

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About the Author

Ashley Johnson

Ashley Johnson is an Editorial Intern from Pendroy, Montana. She writes a weekly lifestyle  blog which includes adoption and surrogacy. Before starting at Adoption Choices, Inc., Ashley worked for six years as a legal clerk for a judge in Montana. She has decided to go back to college to finish her degree in Communications in hopes of pursuing her passion for writing. Ashley is excited  to share her experience with  adoption as well as being able to bring a rural outlook on adoption and surrogacy.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys working on her family ranch with her husband and two children, coaching high school basketball and settling in.



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