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Must-Watch Gestational Surrogacy Movies

When it comes to the representation of gestational surrogacy in the world today, there are many references that are ignorant, negative and outdated. Unfortunately, there is never enough positive representation of how gestational surrogacy builds beautiful families. 

Adoption Choices of Oklahoma understands how important it is to have a positive representation of gestational surrogacy. Not only for the gestational carrier, but also for the intended parents. When looking for good gestational surrogacy movies, choices can be slim and feature mostly documentaries. However, we have found three movies that we feel give intended mothers and gestational carriers a good glimpse into what the gestational surrogacy journey is like.

Gestational Surrogacy Movies

1) The Guys Next Door

Erik and Sandro, a gay married couple, want a family. Rachel, a gestational carrier, is a married woman with three children of her own. Over a three-year period, Rachel helps Erik and Sandro have two daughters.

This documentary challenges viewers on gender identity when it comes to motherhood, extends the meaning of family and reveals the beauty of love. It is an amazing movie for intended parents and gestational carriers to watch when considering gestational surrogacy.

2) A Belly for Me, a Baby for You

Tiffany wants to help her brother, James, and his wife, Natalie, grow their family. So, she decides to become a gestational carrier for them. This movie follows the three of their journeys from beginning to end, and gives an accurate view of the medical side of gestational surrogacy. It is a beautiful and true portrayal of love, family and relationships, while educating viewers about the gestational surrogacy process. 

This documentary is a must-watch if you are considering gestational surrogacy as an intended mother or gestational carrier and wanting to learn more about the ins and outs of the surrogacy journey.

Movies about Gestational Surrogacy

While there will never be a film that will depict your story through the gestational surrogacy process. But it is always nice to not feel like the only fish in the sea of gestational surrogacy. 

At Adoption Choices of Oklahoma, we want to ensure that you know that we are here for you and your family in any way. For more information, contact us at Toll-free: 800-898-6028 | OKC Local: 405-755-1999 | Tulsa Local: 918-447-7777 | Text: 405-310-8790


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